Animal Crossing New Leaf US: They’re Clones!

Stalk Market for Friday, August 30

AM: 69 Bells
PM: 59 Bells

Camp Site is Renewed

Yay! Camp Sign Celebration!

Yay! Camp Sign Celebration!

The camp sign is back up in its new location. The pine I planted just south of the campfire died just like the one east of it. I don’t think we’re going to have two marshmallow roasting tree stump seats.

The new marshmallow roasting stump and the marshmallow stump that will never be...

The new marshmallow roasting stump and the marshmallow stump that will never be…

But my single thriving pine tree matured today. Naturally I chopped it down… I wasn’t looking for a specific pattern on the stump, so flower works for me.

Public Works

I’m putting in a zen streetlight today. I actually put it in yesterday, but forgot to pay it off.

Still no request for a jungle gym. However I think we may need insurance in town. The residents keep having disturbing dreams of things falling out of the sky. Today it was a sphinx.




Katrina was in town doling out fortunes. I got one with Locke and one with Vella. Still no shop in town. Hotch just got his in Quantico the other day. I’m slightly jealous…but Quantico has 4 residents and Hanabi only has the two of us. I don’t want to think about adding a third resident until I’ve paid off Locke’s house.


Apparently it's sweatpants day.

Apparently it’s sweatpants day.

Golden Dreams

Every few days I get enough gold nuggets to try for a new piece of the golden set. Today I hit the mother load with a money/ore rock and it spit out 3 gold nuggets. I turned in the nuggets and ended up with the golden carpet. (To Nick: sorry I didn’t get back to you about a time and place! My communication skills/remembering to reply to people are abysmal!) Now all I need left is a golden closet. I wonder how many tries it will take to get one specific piece.

I forgot to happy dance, so stunned silence it is.

I forgot to happy dance, so stunned silence it is.

Mail Trickery!

When I logged on this afternoon Pete was waiting for me. Pete means: stuff! From Nintendo! So I was really excited, but it was just a letter telling me to pick up the afternoon tea set—like I hadn’t done that on Sunday. If you had really wanted me to pick up the tea set you would have sent me a tea cup or something to go with the petit fours on the set.



One Step Closer to Done

Yumi over in Kasen had Redd yesterday. The legitimate sculpture was a duplicate for Kasen, but I needed it in Hanabi so now we have a mystic sculpture to ponder at.




I'm not sure that Soleil's new catchphrase works, but she thinks she can boss people around just fine, bacongravy!

I’m not sure that Soleil’s new catchphrase works, but she thinks she can boss people around just fine, bacongravy!

Not quite a fortune, but good advice from the lovely phone.

Of course they're clones Felicity. And the Able Sisters are clones gone slightly awry.

Of course they’re clones Felicity. And the Able Sisters are clones gone slightly awry.

Yup. Capitalize it.

Yup. Capitalize it.


While I have a lot of fun conversations I’d like to add, my wordpress media adding is giving me http errors for some reason and I don’t have the patience to wait for it before publishing. Not sure what the deal is with it. It’s been giving me trouble for the last two releases or so and dreamhost was very unhelpful about it. </rant>

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

8 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf US: They’re Clones!

  1. Hi, Jen! It is too bad with the tree stumps, I hope you find a good solution for it. I have just started to customize my own town now, because I finally received my very own golden watering can! Yay!

    I have ALOT of stuff for you by the way, which has been taking up storage space in my closet (you can catalogue and keep/sell – whatever you choose) so I hope I can come by and shower you with some gifts soon.


  2. Hi, Euphy. 😉

    I think my problem with the tree stumps might be that I’m planting cedar saplings too far south. I planted some regular trees today to see if that’s the issue.

    More stuff?! Can I get you anything? Did you get a picnic basket?

    When would you like to meet up?

  3. Hi, again!

    Oh, I see! That might be the case.

    Of course I have more stuff for you! Um, no I did not receive a picnic basket, do you have a spare? Also if I could catalogue the regal series, if you have required it before, I would be very pleased! (I need: armoire, bed, bookcase, wall lamp, sofa and wallpaper).

    What is your favourite furniture set, by the way? I have not decided yet on mine.

    At the moment I am 10 hours ahead of you so if we could meet up 8-11 am your time that would be great!


  4. On another note, I checked out this website ( ) with a list of names and pictures of all AC:NL clothing (but I am of course not certain they have every item) and no “white team cap” was mentioned, but “white school cap was” – so perhaps they are the same?

    Just thought you should know!

  5. @Euphy

    I do have a spare picnic basket. 🙂

    I’ll order the regal items you need and they should arrive tomorrow morning, so if you’re available tomorrow around 10am my time?

    Hmmm my favorite furniture set. I’m not sure! When the game first came out I loved the rococo set. I’m not sure if I liked it just because it was new and hard to get or if it’s really my favorite. Oh! probably the mermaid set. My least favorite has always been the cabana furniture. I hate wicker! But I don’t mind it so much now that I can bling it out with gold nuggets and change the cushions. LOL.

    Hope to see you soon!

  6. @Euphy

    So maybe they are the same item? The prima guide (which is notoriously full of errors) lists them separately and lists one of them as Korean DLC, but it has pictures and they look exactly the same.

  7. Oh, thank you! That is really kind! Yes 10am sounds perfect!

    I like the rococo set too, but I feel there are still so many sets I have yet to discover. It both fascinates and scares me that there are so many different items in this game.

    Cannot wait to meet up! 🙂

  8. I love that Nefertiti statue. My Nan had one (albeit smaller!) – wish I had been able to keep it! >.<

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