Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Send Flowers and Mean It

Stalk Market for Wednesday, September 4

AM: 193 Bells (the highest it’s been in weeks)
PM: 173 Bells

Posts two days in a row?! That’s what happens when I skip a day.

My Palace is Renewed

Hanabi had Saharah roaming its borders today. I got interior consults for both Vella and Locke. I didn’t get anything new. rats! But I did get a couple Saharah exclusive items.

The bathhouse wallpaper. Already have it.

The bathhouse wallpaper. Already have it.

L& #9733;cke got the concrete floor. It's an original, but I have it. I need the concrete wall!

L☆cke got the concrete floor. It’s an original, but I have it. I need the concrete wall!

Miner Vella

The ore rock spit out 3 gold nuggets which meant it was time for another remake.



I ended up with a gold wall torch. I already have one, but I’m toying with the idea of making L☆cke a golden room or a luck room. Either way it could come in handy.

Let There be Marshmallows!

I figured out the dilemma with the dying pines by the campfire. They were too far south! I planted a couple of regular trees yesterday and today they’re growing great. I’m kind of sad I couldn’t put pines there because I only have the one pine stump design. Oh well, I’ll have two more regular stump designs. Maybe one could be a butterfly? That wouldn’t be bad.


Public Works

Still no jungle gym.

Sheldon ran up to Vella and declared that Hanabi needed a traffic signal. Veto, Sheldon! If you keep suggesting stuff like that I’ll move you over to Quantico so you can suggest them there (and import Flurry, Ankha, or Carmen ♥)


Not on my watch.

Not on my watch.

I did put in the stone tablet today, though nowhere that I mentioned yesterday. I put it at the crossroads just north of the zen bridge. It seemed as good a place as any. Although I may decide to put it in one of the cherry groves at a later date.


L☆cke’s Adventures

It was also fruit selling day in Hanabi and Kasen, so I sold the town’s perfect cherries and imported some perfect peaches and L☆cke paid off one of her rooms.


She stopped to talk to Julian on her way from Re-Tail and he asked her to get signatures for the petition “Send Flowers and Mean It”, so I had her go over to my husband’s town (and raid his perfect apples)






Wanted: Argyle Shirts

And that’s about all that’s new in the world of Hanabi. I have a strange request. Any of my readers that have the Emporium unlocked, I’m collecting argyle shirts of any color and sleeve length for Kasen (being used to remake various items). If you see any, could I buy them off you? Or trade for something? I’m making a tribute to argyle museum room. It needs a lot of work, and a lot of argyle!

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!
P.P.S. It’s been a long time since I received flowers…

3 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Send Flowers and Mean It

  1. Hi, again, Jen!

    I am really hopeless, I wrote something wrong last time. I needed the regal vanity, not the armoire. My bad! Do you think I might have the vanity some other time?
    Also, if you have any duplicate golden furniture I would be happy to buy/trade/whatever.

    It was nice having you over!

    – Euphy, Maple

  2. Thank you so much, Jen!

    By the way, Gracie sold argyle shirts today. I’ll save them up for you until next time. 😉

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