Autumn Moon Viewing

Thursday September 19 is the Autumn Moon in all regions of New Leaf. Each region receives a different (not orderable) item from Isabelle. Japan gets a dango; US gets a wheat bundle; EU gets a veggie basket; and Korea gets a songpyeon.

I’d like to host on both my US and JP games, but that may get a bit problematic as being in two places at one time is…impossible. Nevertheless, I’ll attempt the impossible and have both versions on and open at once (don’t expect intelligible conversation).

If you’re on my friend list, you’re cordially invited to the Autumn Moon party—though you won’t see much of the moon because I’m hosting in the morning. If you’re not on my friend list, I may be able to squeeze you in, but will probably remove your FC after the event due to space limitations.

When: September 19, 2013 from 9am PST (GMT -8) to 12pm PST (GMT-8) [possibly reopening briefly in the afternoon or by request time TBD]
Where: Kasen village (JP) 5155-3157-1276 and/or Hanabi village (US) 4296-2983-6734

P.S. Could one of my EU friends let me visit and pick up a veggie basket (before the madness)? Or bring one over? I don’t have one and you know what a completionist I am. 😛

21 thoughts on “Autumn Moon Viewing

  1. Hi! I would love to get both the dango and the wheat bundle since I am a completionist too but I can understand if that’s not possible. But could I possibly come and get the dango? I could also bring you a veggie basket if you need a second one 🙂 And I could bring you the li’l bro’s tee, Hypno K.K. and K.K. Stroll. My FC is 4339-2532-7740

  2. Jenn – I should already be on your US 3DS from being in ACUKE, but I’m not sure about your JP 3DS. 3797 6418 8620 🙂

  3. I’d love to come to your JP game, if you’d let me. My 3ds friend code is
    BTW, I’ve been of fan of this website for a long time, but I’ve always been too chicken to comment..

  4. @snowflakeflower I’ve added you to both of my 3DSes. I’ve gotten all the music by requesting over the last couple weeks, but if you could bring the little bro’s tee that would be awesome!

  5. All right, I think I’ve added everyone that’s commented so far. If I missed anyone please comment again and let me know I’m a scatterbrain.

  6. Thanks so much! Ok today I checked my catalog again with your wishlist and I saw that I have the red down jacket, bunny shirt, tan dogtooth tee and the moldy dress. So I will bring those too 🙂

  7. Jenn, could I meet you later in the afternoon in both towns to get my gift? Your time falls between both of my classes and I’m not available until 4pm PST. I wouldn’t take long 🙂 -Rachael

  8. Hi, Jen! I will not be able to make it before 12pm PST (GMT-8) on the 19th! I hope you will consider opening for a couple of minutes extra! A friend of mine gave med alot of extra paintings, some I already had, so I will be sure to bring them over!

    – Euphy, Maple

  9. I know I’m late on this but I’d love to be able to come over and get a dango if possible? I could bring you a veggie basket and I also could bring: the kitchen island, the cabana wall, the tan dogtooth tee, the kappa cap and pants, and the campfire cookware (not sure if that’s the camp stove) from your wish list if you still need them!

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