Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Neckties and Tie-Dye

Stalk Market for Friday, September 6

AM: 84 Bells
PM: 79 Bells

I had to take my kitty to the vet this morning because she’s been having trouble breathing for the last few days (persian, very smashed face, very small nostrils) and so I’m a bit behind and not really focused on blogging. But I’m gonna try!

Seagull Overboard!

I had the very manly Gulliver washed up on my shores yesterday morning. While Yumi has decided that she’s sick of guiding him to the correct port and now sends him astray to cash in on delectable chocolate coins, Vella is still being a good samaritan and trying to get him to his intended destination.


Clearly he hasn’t seen me in my Disney game garb.





As you may have guessed, Gullliver was on his way to Thailand. Apparently he arrived unscathed because I had a tuk tuk in my mailbox this morning. I promptly sold it because I’m running out of space. I may need to create that 3rd character sooner than I thought…

Mega Gift Shower

Why am I running out of space? Because of awesome people like Euphy from Maple whom I visited yesterday. She gave me tons of presents. I always feel guilty accepting gifts because I don’t know how the heck I can pay people back. :\ But Thank you!


ZOMG stuff! And it kept coming. LOL

ZOMG stuff! And it kept coming. LOL

I also visited several of Euphies townies. She and I have a few townies in common and it’s amusing to talk to them and not be recognized. That’s ok Julian is still Julian in any village. He didn’t have any scandalous gossip on Euphy but offered to dish about his own scandals. I’ll have to question my Julian further and find out just what he’s hiding.

I never tire of seeing giant castles :)

I never tire of seeing giant castles 🙂




She even has my favorite unicorn

She even has my favorite unicorn

Dancing for the fishies. What are you looking at Sydney?

Aside from the mega gift shower yesterday, I didn’t play much. I had a splitting headache and was nauseous sitting upright. So, I wasn’t very productive yesterday.

Today I feel fine, but the cat… Oh and tomorrow is my Japanese Kanji final! I need a vacation.

Redd’s Warez

So, keeping this fairly short, Today I had Redd in town. He only had one legitimate painting, and I already have it in at least two of my towns. Any of my readers need a scary painting? Or a Perfect painting? (He was in Kasen too). If no one does, then I’ll see if Quantico needs them.

The legit. scary painting

The legit. scary painting

Fake solemn painting.

Fake solemn painting.

Fake beautiful statue.

Fake beautiful statue.

Fake wild painting.

Fake wild painting.

Public Works

No one has requested anything new. I got excited because Barold pinged when I walked by, but he just wanted to call me “Sparkles.” Then Rooney pinged and wanted to move. Denied. I really want Kitt out because I want a (temporary) Uchi villager who can propose a scarecrow (among other things). She’s the only one that I can say with certainty I’d let go. Maybe Sheldon…

So anyway, we celebrated the stone tablet this morning.


Then I put in the totem pole. I wanted it just west of Locke’s house but it wouldn’t fit so I put it in front of it instead. Since no one in this town has money to spare I brought over Yumi to fund the totem pole project. She got an argyle shirt out of the deal and used it to remake the double neck guitar. 😉

Oh and Yumi isn’t taking that Witch costume off until Christmas. Does anyone have any Fabreeze?

Money bags Yumi got to celebrate paying off Hanabi's Totem Pole

Money bags Yumi got to celebrate paying off Hanabi’s Totem Pole

And aside from a camper:

Yeah, dream on. We're full.

Yeah, dream on. We’re full.

That’s about all I did today.

And now I’m off to study.

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

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