Animal Crossing New Leaf US: I’m Your Gal!

Stalk Market for Monday, September 9

AM: 103 Bells
PM: 121 Bells

Looks like I may be in for a random week. I am back in the turnip game, so I’m hoping I get a good price from somewhere.


I still haven’t come across a clam, though I know they’re out there somewhere, but I did snag an oyster.

Bad pun.

Bad pun.

This morning as I was wandering by the river I spotted a shadow that looked just a bit too big to be a black bass. I reeled it in and caught a pike!

This one is just dumb. True, but dumb.

This one is just dumb. True, but dumb.

So, the critters I still need this month are:

  • mitten crab
  • sweet shrimp
  • spiny lobster
  • clam

Not too many. It just sucks that most of them don’t come out until 9/15. I’m so impatient. I’m still missing a lot of fish and diving creatures for my encyclopedia. I’m sure they’ll fill up in the coming months as more fish emerge, but it would be nice to be done. [If you’ll remember I’ve been playing since November. I get to want to be done.]

Public Works aka Landscaping

The two trees allocated for marshmallow roasting stumps finally matured and I used my very fragile silver axe to chop them down. Ordinarily I would be elated that I got a triforce, but since I just got one a few trees to the left I’m a little miffed. Also, I have about 3 stumps with the Redd symbol on it, so all in all I’m less than pleased. The silver axe may have enough resilience to chop down one more tree, but I’m not holding my breath. So for now I’m stuck with them unless I come across another silver axe on the island.


Julian sprung it on me that he thought we needed a parabolic antenna in town (aka a satellite dish). I’ve come to the conclusion that Julian and my tastes clash. File this one under no way in hell.

How do I say no without hurting his giant ego...

How do I say no without hurting his giant ego…

I did have some good luck with public works projects though. Yesterday Barold ran up to me and told me he wanted a jungle gym. Finally! I got have kissed that nerdy little bear! I put it in immediately. I also spent way too long moving flowers around the “park” area because the grass and tree color had changed and it looked like fall, so I put orange and black flowers everywhere. They kind of clash with the bright kiddie colors of everything, but hey, I’m being festive.

Woo! Finally! It's going in STAT.

Woo! Finally! It’s going in STAT.

Celebrating the new jungle gym. Hooray! Complete with clashy flowers.

This morning Rooney finally said that he wanted a zen garden. I suppose I should have planned more carefully because I had trouble finding a spot for it. I thought maybe I could squeeze it to the right of the town square or down by the bell but Isabelle firmly denied those plans. I ended up putting it in between Soleil’s house and the manhole cover. I also planted some bamboo around it—something I may live to regret as it takes over everything.

Done and done!

Done and done!

The zen garden is bigger than I anticipated.

While the zen garden isn’t complete yet, it rained yesterday and I picked everything up off the ground and updated Hanabi’s dream address. So if you want to see the changes, come on over: 4500-2096-7539

Schmoozing with the Townies

While I’ve forgotten to keep writing 4 letters a day, I have been doing everything in my limited mayoral power to fulfill my townies’ wishes. I gave Shep a perfect peach and he gave me an eight lamp (do they give you spotlight items every time you give them non-native fruit? My townies all have lately). I took Julian’s petition for “appreciating hipsters” over to Kasen and got it signed. He only gave me a kiddie table for it. Someday I’ll have your picture, Unicorn! I’ve also been a package delivery expert and a dragonfly hunter. It’s paying off at least a little because I got another picture today: this time Rooney’s for giving him a perfect peach.

Rooney's Picture

Rooney’s Picture

I find it funny that everything about him screams jock, yet he's got a cranky personality.

I find it funny that everything about him screams jock, yet he’s got a cranky personality.

Badge Man!

What with constantly fulfilling my townies’ wildest dreams, when I saw the badge man I thought I would be getting a badge for that (Yumi just got gold), however he thought I had “quite a knack for popping balloons!” I wouldn’t call it a knack. I do try to pop every balloon I see, but just because I want the badge. This is only the silver one.


I ran into the badge man again a little later and was surprised to get the gold Gardening Specialist badge. I wonder if moving all the flowers around in the playground helped with that? I decided to look at Vella’s badges. I’m missing the same two that Yumi is (weeding and dream suite). I really need to just visit a couple people a day. So lazy. But Yumi has 9 gold medals and Vella only has 3, the K.K. Slider badge, the HHA badge, and now the gardening one.





Saturday we had a camper. It was Chief. Most of the wolves aren’t my favorite, but Chief isn’t bad. I wouldn’t have invited him to move in, but having him for a day was fine.

Speaking of the campground, I planted sweet olive bushes around it and they’re finally budding. I think they’ll fully bloom on the 15th, but I really like the colors with the purple and white.

sweet olives budding in the background. And Tia is stalking me!

sweet olives budding in the background. And Tia is stalking me!

That’s pretty much all that’s new in Hanabi. I was able to request all the songs I needed from K.K. between Kasen and Hanabi to complete Yumi’s music catalog. Hooray. Now I just have to remember to go once a week to work on getting K.K.’s picture.

The argyle room over in Kasen is going really well. I can’t wait to take pictures and show it off. It’s currently a museum exhibit, but I may move it to someone’s house so people can go look at it. I only need a few more argyle shirts, mostly pink and red.

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!
P.P.S. If you remember I had a Japanese final on Saturday. I aced it and got 100%. If only I could do that with the JLPT N3

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  1. Congratulations on the 100%, that is amazing! And also good job on the golden gardening badge!

    I have a couple argyle shirts waiting for you – red and pink but also blue.

    Hope to see you soon!
    I will be visiting Hanabi in my dreams today, exhited!

    – Euphy, Maple

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