Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Missing Piece of My Heart

Stalk Market for Wednesday, September 11

AM: 69 Bells
PM: 60 Bells

Yesterday I was busy and didn’t get to play much except for short train rides, so I was more or less in maintenance mode.


Julian gave me a “Nice” painting. I don’t need that one in either of my towns (probably do in Quantico). There’s no forgery for that one, so if anyone needs it let me know.

I had a whirlwind game of hide and seek that I somehow won just before my train arrived and that’s pretty much all that happened.
Well, that and I completed my red riding hood outfit. Do I need glasses for it?

Anyone wanna come over wearing the wolf hood and chase me around?

Anyone wanna come over wearing the wolf hood and chase me around?

Badge Man!!

Today I had a bit more time to play. Phineas showed up in town. Once again I thought it was probably the badge for doing requests for townies, but he gave me the weeding badge! I’ve had Hanabi on wealthy town partly so that I can pull weeds every day. I’ve also been buying miscellaneous flower bags and planting them, letting them wilt and plucking a few each day.




Now the only badge I don’t have (at all) is the dream suite badge. I really need to stop being lazy and just go visit other towns. I like to be inspired by other towns, but often times I visit other towns and just feel like Hanabi is pretty dull even with all the time and effort I’ve put into it. :\

Public Works

Barold tried to move. I emphatically denied his move. Then he decided we needed a sandbox in Hanabi. I guess I could have put that in the playground, but honestly I think the sandbox is pretty ugly.'s ugly. Can't you just play with the sand pattern on the ground?

But…it’s ugly. Can’t you just play with the sand pattern on the ground?

The zen garden

The zen garden

Here’s what the zen garden looks like currently. I’m not sure what I want to do with public works next. I suppose I need to run around Rooney a bit and try and get him to suggest the zen bell, but I think my building spree is done for a little while.

Redd’s Forgery Gallery

Redd only had one legitimate painting today, the wild painting which I also don’t need. Completing at least one of my art wings is proving frustrating. Anyone need the wild painting?

Fake. Head scarf thing should be white.

Fake. Head scarf thing should be white.

This is the real wild painting. Need it?

This is the real wild painting. Need it?

Fake. The real one doesn't have a towel over his shoulder.

Fake. The real one doesn’t have a towel over his shoulder.

Fake. The person in white is on the wrong side.


How about something less stinky, Felicity.

How about something less stinky, Felicity.

You must have mistaken me for Yumi who actually has money.

You must have mistaken me for Yumi who actually has money.


8 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Missing Piece of My Heart

  1. Hi Jenn! I need this nice painting for my museum. We’ve met before so I think I’m already on your 3DS but 3797 6418 8620. I’m Rachael on ACUKE so let me know! 🙂

  2. I’m available all day Friday, so late morning? I’m an hour ahead of you so 10-11am your time would be great.

  3. Hi, Jen! I need the wild painting for my museum. Would you perchance give it to me? 🙂

    We could trade, I have been saving a couple argyle shirts.

    – Euphy, Maple

  4. @IcyLavender / Euphy Consider it yours. Do you know specifically what pieces of the classic set you’re missing? I’ve ordered most of them, but still need to order a couple more. I also have the minimalist set and the regal vanity for you.

  5. Thank you so much!
    The only parts I do have of the classic furniture set is the carpet and wallpaper, pluss the classic table and wall shelf.

    You are welcome to visit Maple again – there will be a meteor shower tonight! (Which means early your time, though). Or we could meet up another day.

    I am very exited for September 19th!

    (By the way, how is playing Fantasy Life: Link? Any favourite jobs? I am constantly checking the internet to see if any news regarding a western release pops up. If the game comes out here in Europe it would sure be an instant-buy!)

    See you soon!

    – Euphy, Maple

  6. @IcyLavender / Euphy

    I’ll have to order you the other couple pieces of classic. I got confused with what I had and what I didn’t because Yumi has *everything* and Vella only has some things, but Yumi was ordering stuff for the argyle room. Maybe I can see what Vella’s missing and just order that with Yumi? We’ll get it all to you eventually. 😉

    Oooh sorry I missed the meteor shower. I hope the wishing star sent you something good. 🙂

    I’m excited for the 19th as well. I just hope I don’t have a lot of disconnect issues like I did for Obon. I’ll be in a chatroom at during the event attempting to direct traffic.

    I love Fantasy Life: Link. I haven’t been playing it lately because I have too many games! Hmmm a lot of the jobs are very similar, like sewing and cooking. They both involve very similar mini games, but they’re fun. There are still a few jobs I haven’t tried. My character uses magic, so I haven’t done the soldier or mercenary classes. My husband is a blacksmith and makes armor for me so I haven’t tried that either. You almost can’t play just one class because so many of them are dependent on other ones. For example, if you’re a cook, you really want to have been a fisherman otherwise you’ll have trouble getting some of the rare fish for recipes. If you are a carpenter you will want to have been a seamstress and/or a miner because it uses both cloth and gems. I think I am towards the end of the game so I really should pick it up and play it again.

    The only thing I don’t like about it is that the dialogues to progress the story are terribly long. My brain can only handle so much Japanese dialog at once, so it kind of shuts down after a while and I just keep pressing A to continue without reading, then I feel guilty. But sometimes those dialogues are like 30-45 mins of talking, then going somewhere else and talking to someone else and not being able to stop. During that time the game won’t let you change classes or do certain things in the middle of story events.

    I thought it was going to be released in NA or EU, but I haven’t heard anything about it recently. I don’t think I’d buy another copy of it in English, but it’s definitely worth a play.

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