Animal Crossing New Leaf US: FST! FST!

Stalk Market for Friday, September 13

AM: 50 Bells
PM: 97 Bells

I am currently downloading MH4, so I may abruptly end this to go play. Eeeeee! And in other news, my 32GB SD card is finally full on my JP 3DS. Had to start a new one or it would be done already…

Bizarre Unicorn Roommate

Let’s see, what’s new in the wonderful world of Hanabi. Julian came to Vella’s house Wednesday night and kept saying he wanted to move in. Today he decided to try and move out of Hanabi altogether. There’s something wrong with this picture. Maybe he’s (not so) secretly in love with Vella and thinks she spurns his advances and so must leave because he can’t have her…Or something.




Dirty Little Secret

Yesterday I didn’t play much at all. I’m debating whether I should tell you why. You’ll think less of me I’m sure. 😛 Ok. I’ll spill and then you can hate me forever. Or flame me. Or just stop reading or whatever.

Yesterday Kasen’s AM turnip price spiked to 456 Bells. I had already unloaded all of my turnips for a paltry 178 bells apiece because I’m paranoid. However, it was Sunday in Quantico. I’m sure you can do that math there. Yumi had about 25 million bells in the bank. I figured it would take me a couple hours to get to 50 million bells for the next post office savings reward, and a couple more than that to get up to 100 million bells for the ATM machine so I could just be done. Somehow it ended up taking about ten hours of buying turnips and selling turnips, occasionally rewinding the time on both towns, accidentally rewinding with unsold turnips…F#*@&k. By the end I was delirious and singing Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” but replacing the chorus with “♫ I’m up all night to sell turnips. ♪”

Yumi got an ATM. And I never want to see another turnip. I really thought cheating was more glamourous and less time consuming. I thought maybe the deviousness would keep me going but oh my gawd that was the most boring day. And I don’t even like the ATM machine now. The 7/11 one is so much cooler. *kicks the circa 1987 ATM*

Yumi and her ill-gotten ATM machine.

Yumi and her ill-gotten ATM machine.

The sad thing is is that 1) Vella still needs the gold turnip selling badge, so at some point I do still have to buy turnips for her. And 2) Vella would like her own ATM machine, so either I’m going to have to launder Yumi’s money or somehow go through that again.

Now that you think less of me…

Today in Hanabi

Because I deserved it, I watered all my flowers and then as we were standing around to celebrate the completion of the zen garden it began to rain.

Today wasn’t all doom and gloom and me feeling like my reputation is irreparably tarnished though. Katrina’s tent was in town and after Katrina telling Vella that great luck with items was coming her way if she’d only put on Mario’s T-Shirt, she offered to set up shop in town.


Ok, the next part is a little scandalous. I had Yumi come over and drop off some leftover money because Vella is po’. Tomorrow main street will have a psychic shop. Woot!


And, Locke’s house is fully expanded and paid off—using fruit money! Not turnip money. So, either I can now take a break from hoarding fruit money for a little while or I can think about adding a third character…

I'm pretty sure this is what I  sounded like singing last night...

I’m pretty sure this is what I sounded like singing last night…

The Argyle Exhibit

The argyle room in Kasen’s museum is 98% complete. The only thing it’s missing is a mannequin. And I’m not entirely certain I could put it in the room anyway. There are a lot of other things I would love to argyle-ify, but I can’t put anything else out! I wanted more lights on the one bare wall. No can do.

The hand-drawn poster board outside the room.

The hand-drawn poster board outside the room.

The room itself is a little...loud

The room itself is a little…loud







P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!
P.P.S. All illicit activities were not performed using said copy from Nintendo. Don’t take it away!

6 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf US: FST! FST!

  1. LOL well that sure is a nice way to spend a day
    I believe I once did something like that in some other game and ended up talking to objects about things I’d rather not even mention here…

  2. Thank you so much for letting me visit Jenn! When I was looking around Locke’s gorgeous home I had a question I forgot to ask – where did you get the astrology figures? They’re adorable! – Rachael
    By the way so I don’t surprise you again (sorry about that, wasn’t thinking!), I’ll be coming over for the Autumn Moon on Belle for Kasen and Hanabi.

  3. @Rachael The astrology figurines were a gift from a friend. You get them one per year on New Year’s day so they’re kind of…questionable. 😉 No worries about surprising me. I just didn’t recognize the name is all. I never know half the people that drop by. 🙂

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