Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Hey! Mayoroni!

Stalk Market for Monday, September 16

AM: 86 Bells
PM: Haven’t checked yet

Yup. I haven’t bought turnips. Can’t bring myself to.

Saturday in Hanabi

It was pouring rain. Naturally that was a great time for Gulliver to wash ashore. He was trying to get to a new (for me) place. I hope he gets his princess someday.






All this sand reminds me of a dream town I visited recently. The folks over at animalcrossingus are visiting a scary dream town every Friday night for the next few weeks (for Halloween). I missed the time to join in the chat room with everyone, but I visited the town they visited called Covah 6700-2770-9418 and it’s got a very Egyptian mummy curse vibe.

I like theme towns. Can anyone suggest good ones to visit? Besides Aika and the Alice in Wonderland one. Been there. Done that.

I didn’t do much else on Saturday except for my weekly K.K. listen. I haven’t started trying to get Yumi her silver and gold badges yet (Vella has them), but I was ecstatic Sunday morning when Yumi got K.K.’s picture in the mail. Naughty Yumi also run into Phineas further compounding her shame for the turnip scandal since he gave her the gold saving badge.

K.K.'s Picture finally!

K.K.’s Picture finally!

Yumi shamefully accepted her gold badge for saving money. (not that she looks shameful here)

Yumi shamefully accepted her gold badge for saving money. (not that she looks shameful here)

Sunday in Hanabi

I was accosted by Pete with another letter from Nintendo. It was just a plug for the current DLC available at Nintendo Zones—the slushie machine. It’s orderable and I got it back when Europe got it, so I’m not running over to Starbucks (or Fedex, who knew?) to grab it this time.

Thanks to MerryNoel I was able to try for a couple different patterned stumps. As luck would have it I got another triforce, but this one is on the other stump. I got a citrus circle as well. I’ll leave them be for the moment, but may try again when I feel like changing things up. Maybe I should just replace the other triforce stump. Is there room in one town for more than one triforce? Seems too powerful. It’ll call Ganon down on our peaceful hamlet.


Public Works

Rooney finally suggested something else I’ve been wanting to put in, the zen bench. I’m unfamiliar with eastern style benches. Do they really look like they’ve got a tablecloth on? I demolished the current yellow bench in preparation for the new one. Today I got Isabelle to place it where I wanted it on the first try.



I think the new fish and diving creatures came out yesterday. I haven’t had much luck finding a mitten crab, sweet shrimp, or a spiny lobster yet, but I did get a clam. And I am so down for chowder.


Today in Hanabi

The message board reminded me that the Bug-Off is this Saturday. I’m torn about whether to compete or not. On the one hand I’d like a few duplicates of items and I don’t have class this weekend (which usually cuts into my tournament time a lot) but on the other hand, I’m lazy…

Kitt is MOVING!

I’m hoping nothing happens to dissuade her from her new adventure. She ran up and told me she was leaving on the 21st of this month and I wished her well. She didn’t try and back out of it, so I think that she’s really going. If anyone wants her (why would you???) let me know.



That was the best news I’ve gotten in a long time. And just afterward Felicity ran up to me to tell me that she heard Kitt was thinking of moving. I couldn’t bring myself to feign concern.

The only other new thing going on today was a visit from Saharah. I didn’t get anything noteworthy for Vella (anyone need an Office Wall?) and haven’t gotten Locke’s interior redesigned yet.

The sweet olives have finally bloomed!

The sweet olives have finally bloomed!




P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

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