ACNL Moon Viewing Update

I’m not feeling much like blogging today. I doubt I’ll get to it tomorrow because of the Moon Viewing holiday, so look for a big Hanabi recap on Friday.

A few things to mention before I head off to play Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life (OMG so addicted)

1) I’ll have both my towns open tomorrow from 9am PST until Noonish PST. I say noonish because of stragglers (I’m talking to you Euphy 😛 ) And at the specified time for you Mika-chan.

2) I’ll be over at ACUKE in the chatroom during that time attempting to direct traffic and let people know when there’s a free spot. Please feel free to go check them out! I’m hoping that if visitors stop by the chatroom we can lessen crashing from everyone trying to come over at once (I hate crashing just as much as you do—and my internet connection works just fine).

3) If you miss coming over in the morning, I will open both towns again at 5pm PST. I don’t anticipate being open long during the evening.

4) I’m have only 5 open spaces left on my friend roster for my US game. :/ I can’t add many more people and I’m gonna have to start deleting people that I’ve only seen once or twice.

5) Once open I’m not adding anyone to either game, so add your FC now or never. (My FCs are in the previous post for Autumn Moon. It’s stickied, so shouldn’t be hard to find)

Aaaaand I think that’s it. I hope to see lots of people tomorrow and I hope you enjoy getting your Dango from bunny Isabelle-chan and your wheat bundle (I wonder if she’s wearing the same thing in the US game?).

P.S. If one of my European friends could bring me a veggie basket, I would really like that! (Or let me come over sometime after I close)

8 thoughts on “ACNL Moon Viewing Update

  1. Thank you so much for the late time Jenn! Can’t wait to see you and your JP mayor tomorrow! 😛

  2. Would it be possible for me to visit your Japanese town later today? You’ve already added me for your English town, but my friend code again is: 1332-7718-9631. Thank you!

  3. Can I please visit any Japanese or US town today for the Autumn Moon ? My Friend Code is 3282 2826 6384 . Happy for you to visit me for Veggie Basket!

  4. Hi Jennifer,
    may I visit your JP town to pick up Dango or is it already too late? My FC is 3453-9823-4143. Thank you!

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