Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Yum Yums Yummers

Stalk Market for Monday, September 23

AM: 146 Bells
PM: Haven’t bothered to ask

I’m still pretending I don’t see Joan in town on Sundays. Especially since I spiked last week. Incidentally I can’t resist seeing how much Joan is selling for, but 109 bells apiece was too rich for Vella’s blood.

Gone…But Not

Today should be a joyous day in Hanabi. It’s our second Kitt free day. Saturday Kitt was all packed up. Vella even went to wish her off.

This is bad foreshadowing.

This is bad foreshadowing.

I didn’t think anything more about Kitt until yesterday when I loaded up Kasen village and realized there was a vacancy there. I immediately shut off my wireless and hoped that my town hadn’t picked Kitt up like a bad virus.

Bug Off

Vella had a few stray bugs lying around in museum rooms, so I picked them up and turned them in to Nat one by one. I ended up taking first place with a 116 point birdwing butterfly that beat out even the couple horned hercules beetles I gave Nat.

Still reigning Bug-Off champion.

Saturday I didn’t turn Kasen on until around 8pm because I’m a little AC burnt out right now and I just intended to listen to K.K. a few times towards Yumi’s badge. But then I remembered this was the last bug off of the season and that Yumi could finally get the golden net she had worked so diligently for since November 9 last year. Well, I found out you can’t pick up the golden net after the bug off, so I had to rewind time to go get the net. *grumbles* Yumi was miffed and took out her frustration on Nat.

Take that for not giving me the net after the tourney!

Take that for not giving me the net after the tourney!

Critter Catching

Vella still has a few things to catch before she is eligible for a golden net or fishing rod, so I decided to hunt for the few creatures she still needed for September. I got them all. That mitten crab was rough to find! I think it bites very briefly before escaping. Either that or I really am getting old and my reflexes are slowing…



Today in Hanabi

It’s another slow day in Hanabi. We don’t have any outside visitors. I made a few villagers happy by fulfilling their wishes. I love the bizarre phobias of my villagers, like Felicity who is too worried about what people will think when she shakes trees…Fear not silly bob-haircut cat, I got a perfect cherry with your name on it!



I also managed to show up at O’Hare’s for an appointed visit. I hate doing that. Why can’t they just have me over immediately?

Today in Kasen

Which brings me to my seemingly ancient Japanese village. Yumi was wandering around not really doing anything in particular when she saw a house outline—much like Dorothy’s from the Wizard of Oz plopped smack dab in the fruit orchard path. I read the name on the sign, but I’m not well-versed in English-Japanese villager names, so I had to look it up. アップリケ was moving in. Sounds like “applique”. Couldn’t be. Wouldn’t be. Is. F*@&!&^!K Kitt is moving into Kasen in the middle of my path. Now poor Kasen has Cousteau (a refugee from Quantico) and Kitt. If my luck holds I’ll soon end up with my husband’s wolf Whitney in Hanabi. Not that there’s anything wrong with Whitney. I just don’t want her.

I wish I had a firmer grasp on who my dream villagers are and I could just go hunt down someone I like and pay for them (since I can’t trade villagers atm).
So, yeah. I’m kind of in an AC funk now. Time for some more JLPT N3 studying and then Disney Magic Castle. There are no Kitts in Disney.

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo (who should never have invented Kitt). Thanks, Nintendo!

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  1. Yup. I’m pretty much pretending Kitt doesn’t exist. I haven’t re-pathed around her house and I refuse to talk to her when I see her out and about. Unfortunately I think villagers ask to leave more often when friendship is higher, so maybe I should start talking to her and the frog…but maybe not until Hanabi’s vacancy is filled lest this happen again.

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