Animal Crossing New Leaf US: …Zzz…BLUNPH?!

Stalk Market for Wednesday, September 25

AM: 72 Bells
PM: 64 Bells
I’m still trying to go easy on the Animal Crossing. I haven’t turned on Kasen today. Yumi was seething as she introduced herself to Kitt yesterday…

Still no Golden Closet

Quantico had a windfall from an ore rock, plus Vella had saved up a few gold nuggets I had forgotten about, so I was able to make 3 pieces of golden furniture. Unfortunately none of them were what I was looking for. I got:

Golden Dresser. I always think I need this one. Then I realize I don’t…

Don’t need this either.


Didn’t I just get you? I wish you could remake the golden furniture into some other piece of golden furniture. Can’t Cyrus just melt it down? Alpaca, please!

Phineas Sighting

I never know what Phineas is going to bring me when he shows up, but I’m always happy to see him. This time he brought me the silver “Seafood Encyclopedia” badge for completing 80% of my sea creature encyclopedia. I’m getting closer to diving completion.




For the first time, I caught a villager using the marshmallow roasting stumps for something other than their intended purpose. Rooney was napping on one. He looked adorable. Naturally I woke him up.

I wanna nap too!

I wanna nap too!



Saharah’s Redecorating Nightmare

We hosted Saharah in town. I think her 3,000 bells are a ripoff. She didn’t do either Vella or Locke any favors in remaking their rooms.



Happy Home VIP

Locke got a letter in the mail from the HHA stating she’d scored 300,000 points in her evaluation and to come pick up her prize. Turns out she unlocked the golden roof. I’m contemplating whether I want to try and raise Locke’s VIP score and turn her hut/mansion into a golden zen house, but I think with all the landscaping that may look funny. My original plan was to turn her house gold and then make a third character (finally) and do his/her house as the resort style. I’m still toying with that idea.

I’d like to get a camper that I want to move in (or maybe steal one of Quantico’s cuties—Carmen, Flurry, or Ankha) and then use the create new character cheat to get a good house placement and then just keep the character around instead of deleting them. I digressed a bit there…



Does he mean the basement sucks? Or that they don't evaluate the basement?

Does he mean the basement sucks? Or that they don’t evaluate the basement?

And that’s the news from Hanabi. Aside from Barold trying to move (NO!) and Julian trying to steal my gold nugget for a pittance (again NO!). Oh! I updated the dream suite. There’s not too much new in town, but I’ve been trying to add a few more pieces of bamboo to town for a more, um zen, feel. I think I may regret it as they take over everything, but it’s rather pretty while I keep it in check. And the bamboo shoots sell for quite a bit to boot.

Why can't the badge be based off of people who have visited my town instead of the other way around?

Why can’t the badge be based off of people who have visited my town instead of the other way around?

Hanabi isn’t hugely popular. But we’ve had a few dreamers. 🙂

Oh and I posted another pikopuri Halloween QR Code on Tumblr. I made a pineapple dress from their October design book as well. Maybe I’ll post that tomorrow.

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!
P.P.S. I’m up to 82 Stickers in Disney Magic Castle and it’s getting really hard to progress!

3 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf US: …Zzz…BLUNPH?!

  1. I have a golden closet, if you want it. I don’t really care for the golden series, so it’s just been collecting dust in my storage.

  2. @Nova No worries. Trying to get that last fabled piece of the set gives me a reason to keep hitting my money rocks and looking for gold ore in the first place. And a reason to complain. 😉 I don’t actually have a place to put it either. I’ve maxed out the items in my luck room and that’s the only place I was putting my golden furniture.

  3. The gold furniture is nuts. I’ve had two bloody golden closets but I sold ’em, because I will never want to put them out in one of my rooms. If I had one left I’d offer you it, but judging from your response above you’re ok with that :3

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