Animal Crossing New Leaf US: the Czar of Halloween

Stalk Market for Wednesday, October 2

AM: 72 Bells
PM: I haven’t checked. Maybe I shouldn’t bother posting unless they’re ridiculously high…

Only in October

Ah the first of the month. I love the first of the month. New critters. New stuff in shops. New…pumpkin king Jack walking around?



I love that his catchphrase is pumpkin.

I love that his catchphrase is pumpkin.

I didn’t have any trouble finding Jack. He was right in front of O’Hare’s house probably scaring the cottontail right off him. Of course I told Jack I would be his Halloween minion and he gave me a werewolf hood. I suppose, dressed as red riding hood, I deserve that one.

I made a mental note to stop by the Emporium and pick up candy, see what spooky furniture they’ve got in (even though I’m not doing a Halloween-themed room in Hanabi. I’ve started one in Kasen.) and see what other masks the Labelle has in stock.

Ow Ow Ow

As for the aforementioned new critters, there aren’t many. There’s only one bug that I need—a bagworm, 1 river fish—a yellow perch, and 1 ocean fish—a dab.

I was able to find the yellow perch and the dab without much trouble.



The bagworm however is being elusive. It’s one of those bugs that dangles down from trees when you shake them, like the spider. I was trying not to shake my fruit trees because I wanted to update my dream address (haven’t done it yet), so I shook every non-fruit tree in Hanabi and got stung by every bee in Hanabi.

She looks way to happy about my swollen face.

She looks way to happy about my swollen face.





I decided that if all my townies thought I looked like a monster I might as well go with it.

I never did get the bagworm. After researching, it seems it might not have been out at the time I was looking. My guidebook says “all day”, but says they’re out from 5pm-8am during the month of October. So I’m going to look around a little later.

Nintendo Zone

If you’re in the US, don’t forget to stop by a Nintendo Zone from 10/1-10/14 to pick up a fedora chair. You can’t order them. I hate that there’s not much (if any?) advertising beforehand about the Nintendo Zone deliveries, so I went out yesterday and only brought my main 3DS because I didn’t know there’d be a distribution. So I need to go out again with my other 3DS… I haven’t quite figured out what to do with my fedora chair, but I remember it fondly from City Folk when I had it in my Gorgeous room.

meditating on the fedora chair.

meditating on the fedora chair.

Slow Day in Hanabi

Today there are no visitors. Barold wanted me to catch him a coelacanth. No can do little dude, it’s not raining. O’Hare wanted a cherry so I gave him a perfect one and he gave me a 3 lamp. And that’s about it. Yesterday Felicity tried to move. So I’ve just been schmoozing. Oh! The illuminated heart! I haven’t updated my dream address with it. I might tonight after 6pm when it’s lit, but I shook my fruit trees this morning in search of the bagworm and didn’t water very well yesterday so Hanabi’s a little lackluster.

Isabelle and I almost had words over the illuminated heart’s placement. She kept telling me it was too close to the event plaza. It’s one square south of ideal placement, but it’s not too bad. I just need to put some more flowers around it and take a picture when it doesn’t look like twisted metal. You can’t see in the picture, but it sits just north of the east west path there.

Not the most romantic picture but...

Not the most romantic picture but…

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

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