Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Insulting Disco Ball

Stalk Market for Friday, October 4

AM: 56 Bells
PM: 52 Bells

Yay! I checked! They’re crap!

I’ve been out and about today, picking up my physical copy of Wind Waker. Waiting patiently for it to release after the digital version was rough, but the external hard drive hooked up to my Wii U is slooooooow and it took something like 18 hours to download Lego City, so I figured having a physical copy was necessary. Now I just want to play it but I’m still out and about sooooo….blog time!

Absolutely nothing is happening in Hanabi lately. The town has been devoid of visitors. I keep forgetting to update my dream address. And all I’m doing is a little maintenance with my townies.


OK, the only semi-news is that I did indeed catch a bagworm. I waited until 5pm and then shook perfect fruit trees (after trying regular trees). I caught it on the second fruit tree shake. And then I had to shake the tree 3 or 4 more times cause I kept missing it with my net…



During this slow time, townies have been offering me paintings left and right. Unfortunately they’re paintings I already have. Julian tried to sell me a fine painting, but then decided that the price was too high and gave it to me. There’s no fake, so it’s legit. Anyone need it?


Felicity is crazy

Much like the flowers were insulting Victoria back in the day, now the disco balls are insulting Felicity. Why do my townies seem like they need strapping white coats?


You are so sparkly Felicity. Maybe even more sparkly than me, Sparkles.

You are so sparkly Felicity. Maybe even more sparkly than me, Sparkles.


I misjudged where I wanted my stump. But it’s a star pattern and I don’t want it dig it up and replant! I have very small stupid problems, for which I am grateful.



Barold tried to move for the bazillionth time. I ♥ him. Why does he always try to leave me? Plus I haven’t found a suitable replacement for Kitt and no one is allowed to move until I get someone else.
After that he decided to just nap. Good bear.


And sadly, that’s about it. Anything new in reader world?

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

4 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Insulting Disco Ball

  1. Hi, Jen!

    I have had a bad time with my bagworm hunt these days, but I finally managed to grab one! I had actually been reading on the internet (including your blog, of course!) to find out different methods and tricks to capture them. I read that you could just swing your net at a tree, and if the tree so happens to contain a bagworm, you will catch it. I had, of course, already been shaking EVERY SINGLE fruit tree in my town, but decided to try it nonetheless – it actually worked! So now I have been cleaning up my mess in town, and taking time to talk to my villagers (need more PWP…and pictures).

    I am also very much excited for Halloween! Seems like such a grand event in New Leaf. And I am exited for October 12th, as most Pokémon fans should!

    It seems things are finally shaking up in New Leaf, with winter coming, more exciting events, exclusive items and new bugs/fish to catch every month – ah life is good!

    – Euphy, Maple

  2. Yea Icy’s right, winter is coming and this is gonna change things up! Excited for halloween too.
    I still have to catch the bagworm, they’re so rare!

  3. Yes! Victoria gave me her pic – in exchange for a spooky lamp! She still hums the Hanabi tune to me from time to time, but so far, no flowers have insulted her.

  4. @MerryNoel Yay! Congrats on getting her pic. Maybe she’s happier over in Confetti. The flowers there are nicer to her. LOL!

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