Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Lost and Battered Memory

Stalk Market for Wednesday, October 9

AM: 134 Bells
PM: 148 Bells

I wonder if tomorrow morning will be a spike?

All right, the last two days have not been without visitors. Slightly drama free, but I’ll take what I can get.

Barold and I share a love for sweet things.

Barold and I share a love for sweet things.

Redd’s Forgery Tent

Yesterday Hanabi was graced with Redd’s tent. Unfortunately he didn’t have anything I needed in Hanabi or Kasen. I now have an extra moody painting.





There is no fake, so REAL!

There is no fake, so REAL!



Kasen also had Redd and Yumi bought the beautiful statue for Hanabi but I don’t know when I’ll let Yumi give it to Vella. See, Kasen has both Kitt and Cousteau—two villagers I dislike. Yesterday Cousteau told Yumi he was moving. I was overjoyed and told him to be on his merry way. But I don’t want him to end up in Hanabi because we have a lingering vacancy. I am not completely certain how moving works, so I want to avoid all contact with Kasen until Cousteau has moved (unless someone wants him which would alleviate the problem) Anyone want Cousteau? The streetpass function has been turned off in Hanabi for a while now because I don’t want a surprise resident from streetpass, but I’m assuming you could get one just by visiting. Ok, so maybe there’s a little drama, but it’s self-inflicted.

PWP Gone Awry

The statue fountain was a good idea in theory. I thought it would be the same size as the regular fountain. My bad. It’s 2×2 and the regular fountain is 3×3, so I decided against it and put the regular fountain back. That was a 100,000 bell mistake. I thought about putting something else in the space, but the only things that would fit were weird, like the pyramid or the tooth sculpture.

Nope. Oops.

Nope. Oops.

This morning Soleil decided we needed a tower in Hanabi. I would have put that there instead, but it’s only 2×2 as well and it’s waaaaaay expensive. I love the tower. I have it in Kasen. I might think about putting it somewhere, but I don’t know where. I could always ditch the boot sculpture for the tower in the playground. It almost looks like something you could climb on and pretend to be king kong.




Tonight we’re supposed to have a meteor shower in Hanabi. So, assuming I remember (setting alarm now) I’ll update my dream address when it starts. I think that’s 7pm? Ignore the candy on the ground—or eat it!. I’ve run out of space to store it.


Drowned Seagull

Due to a tip from Booker I checked the beach and found Gulliver. I shouted in his ear with the megaphone to wake him up. That never gets old.






And based on your washing up on my shore every week, I think he doesn't like you very much.

And based on your washing up on my shore every week, I think he doesn’t like you very much.


I don't recall any goddess seagulls from mythology...

I don’t recall any goddess seagulls from mythology…

Beautiful Town

In preparation for Pokémon and not wanting to water anymore, I changed Hanabi from rich town to beautiful town. I guess now the only way I’ll get the weeding badge now is if I go over to Quantico every time Leif is outside complaining about the disaster the place has become, but at least I won’t have wilted flowers.

And that’s pretty much all that’s new in Hanabi. Oh, I’ll definitely open Monday morning for Explorer’s day 10am-Noon PST (GMT-8). Unless the few people have expressed interest in visiting can’t make it at that time.


I don't know what I'm supposed to keep up, but dude you need to wash yo' feet!

I don’t know what I’m supposed to keep up, but dude you need to wash yo’ feet!

Yo! O'Hare!

Yo! O’Hare!

if your extra fitted sheet is sloppy, I say bring it

if your extra fitted sheet is sloppy, I say bring it

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo.
P.P.S. OMG it’s almost Pokémon time! Too bad my local Gamestop isn’t doing a midnight launch. I’m already going to be behind!

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  1. @Olivia Mead You are welcome to him! I didn’t bother to check the date he said he’s moving, so I’ll see if I can get him to tell me or I’ll just frantically post when he’s packed.

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