Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Even More Amazing

Stalk Market for Friday, October 11

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This will likely be one of my shorter posts. The reason being, I just downloaded Pokémon X from the Japanese e-shop (it’s Saturday there already) but I haven’t let myself play it yet because I wanted to make sure to play a tiny bit of Animal Crossing and blog before I ride the Pokémon hype train.

Soooo, Wednesday I did remember to turn on my game and update the dream suite at 7pm. So if you stop by in a dream you should get a meteor shower. So cliché. 😉



Rooney and I hung out on stumps by the warm fire and watched shooting stars. So pretty!

I got a lovely present in the mail yesterday from wishy the star, a vintage radio. Of course I gave it to Julian the second he asked for something to replace his emperor butterfly. Still no picture. He gave me a polka dot TV in return.


Stump Maker

I may be a stump maker, but I am not a good stump positioner. I uprooted my last stump and planted another one hoping that you could sit on it behind the illuminated heart and look cute. Well, I think it needs to be farther back (which I can’t do because of the plaza) because it doesn’t quite work out. Oh well. Maybe I’ll just plant a few more and chop them down to complete my pine tree tree ring set.


Not quite what I had in mind. Oh well.

Not quite what I had in mind. Oh well.

Interior Nightmare

We also had Saharah yesterday. I’ve been very lazy, so I only got my room done with Vella and not Locke. I think I’m lazy because I only need 1 more Saharah wallpaper (lunar horizon) and the chances of getting it are slim to none. I got a dash of ugly with my redesign and now I have an extra garden wall.


Today in Hanabi

Ahhhh beautiful town ordinance. Very little watering for me! All I watered were my pink lilies that I’m trying to get more of. They seem to throw a lot of red and white ones even with fertilizer and the golden shovel.




I had no visitors in town today. And only had to get Tia an ocean fish. I gave her a dab. She gave me a cement mixer. No one else requested anything.

I did manage to find a third gold nugget, so I gave that to Cyrus. I’m crossing my fingers for that golden closet.

I'll try, but as you know Pokémon is coming out...

I’ll try, but as you know Pokémon is coming out…







And now my willpower has all but dwindled and I must go turn on Pokémon. Byeeee! (Don’t worry, I’m not giving up on Animal Crossing, and I’ll be open on Monday for explorers’ day)

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

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