Animal Crossing New Leaf: Less Sugar, More Fiber

Stalk Market for Monday, November 4

AM: 73 Bells

OT Ramblings

I had a nice reprieve this weekend from studying studying studying. Of course now I’m trying to catch up. My fake anniversary (the one where we flew down to Mexico with parents and two good friends for a non-binding ceremony) was Saturday and my husband Kokuto (whose real name I rarely mention—it’s Casey for the curious) made a snap decision Friday that we would go to Napa for the day Saturday, and have dinner at Morimoto’s restaurant there. We had a lovely day and took a tour of the Castle Winery before going to dinner. Casey was terribly excited when we were ushered to our seats because Morimoto-sama was actually in the restaurant that night. On a trip to the bathroom he asked—in Japanese, I’m so proud—if he could take Morimoto’s picture. He got a terse nod as a response, but Morimoto turned his head just as Casey snapped the pic, so it’s not a very good picture. Oh well. The food was amazing.

I’m 4 days behind in Kasen, but I dutifully played Hanabi on the ride to and from Napa, so I’m all caught up there. 😉

Halloween part 2

Casey didn’t collect candy or masks for Halloween, so the day after he set Jisuna village back to 10/31 and stopped by to take my masks and leftover candy.


We danced with Locke's newly inherited hula doll.

We danced with Locke’s newly inherited hula doll.


Saturday I did the usual policing. I stopped Felicity from moving away.


and I found Redd had set up a tent in town square. While he had the Motherly Statue that I needed, the one in stock was a fake. Darn you for getting my hopes up!

fake bat lady.

fake bat lady.

Need it, but this one's fake.

Need it, but this one’s fake.

fakity fake fake fake.

fakity fake fake fake.

Don't need it but it's real. Anyone need it?

Don’t need it but it’s real. Anyone need it?

I also found a mush end table masquerading as a mushroom. I love mushroom hunting for some reason, but I think I still have at least 3 mush beds left over from Kasen last year.


I'll take it! This was the one item I was missing in Kasen for the longest time. I finally found it via Japanese street pass in someone's house who had a room filled with clocks.

I’ll take it! This was the one item I was missing in Kasen for the longest time. I finally found it via Japanese street pass in someone’s house who had a room filled with clocks.

Critter Catching

There are a few fish and sea creatures I need this month. I have a mole cricket, so I’m happy I don’t have to dig up everything to chase that bugger.

At the month’s start I needed:

  • bitterling
  • football fish
  • blow fish
  • Horsehair Crab
  • snow crab
  • red king crab
  • sea cucumber

We got stuck in traffic coming home yesterday (of course). So I dove and fished a bit. The crabs are difficult for me to get! I’m sure I’ve seen a couple, but the wiley buggers seem to always swim under the partition just when I’m about to catch up to them.
I managed to get:




The blow fish is only out after 9pm, and what with the time change and not sleeping well the night before, I’m ashamed to admit that I was in bed at that time last night so I didn’t get to try and catch him. Maybe tonight…

And then there were 10

I’m no good at keeping secrets, so I’m sure you’ve already seen that I recruited Octavian yesterday to move to Hanabi. He should be staking out his plot tomorrow. I intend to make a new character to make sure he puts his house in an acceptable location. I’ll probably keep the new character so that I have more storage. 😛 So now I just have to figure out if I want a boy or girl and what to name him/her.



You're a tease, Octavian!

You’re a tease, Octavian!


Harvest Festival stockpiling (skip if you don’t want spoilers)

As I mentioned the other day, the Harvest Festival is approaching. It’s code for Thanksgiving, so it’ll be the 28th this month. The gist of this festival is that Franklin the turkey is cooking dinner (and not being cooked for once) and he’s short on ingredients. You have to supply ingredients for four courses. He will tell you 3 ingredients that he needs and then you give him a fourth secret ingredient. and then he will reward you with either a piece of harvest furniture or a cornucopeia (not orderable) or fruit basket (not orderable). Pictures can be found in last year’s post about the holiday as well as a list of all possible ingredients. Some English names may be incorrect as the game hadn’t been released yet in English.

The holiday isn’t quite as tedious as some (I’m looking at you Jack and Pavé) but can still give you problems if you don’t have access to some items. You definitely want a wet suit. I had to get a clam and a scallop for last year’s dinner and while I didn’t have much trouble getting the clam, the scallop was maddening. I’ve already put a scallop away (much to Pascal’s chagrin) just in case.


Here’s a list of possible sea creatures you might need:

  • oyster
  • seaweed
  • clam
  • scallop
  • lobster

You will also most likely need fish for one or more of your dishes. The sea bass and horse mackerel shouldn’t be a problem, but you might want to have a barred knifejaw (that’s the striped beakfish in my list), and red snapper (maybe a couple of them) on hand.

The recipes also use a lot of fruit. So if you don’t have all the fruit in your village you may want to plant a few trees. Lemon is used quite often as a secret ingredient so maybe shake your tree and put away a basket of lemons just in case. You might also need apples, oranges, cherries, peaches, pears, bananas or coconuts.

If you haven’t been bee hunting in a while, you may want to get stung catch a bee or two and save the honeycombs. That’s used in a couple of recipes as well.

Lastly you’ll see a few weird items on the list like vinegar, butter, or flour. These are items you have to get from your residents. They’ll be inside their houses cooking up their own dinners. They’ll request that you bring them something (often a fish) in exchange for these items. I don’t recall having a problem getting them whatever they wanted in exchange.


Today was without visitors, but Julian came over to my house and tried to become my roommate (which means he’ll probably try and flee Hanabi tomorrow).

We need to get you some manly hobbies Mr. Unicorn.

We need to get you some manly hobbies Mr. Unicorn.

I dunno, I get a sparse and fungus-filled vibe from this room so far.

I dunno, I get a sparse and fungus-filled vibe from this room so far.

I set an alarm and visited Tia.

I think the place has gotten a little ramshackle, but I can't tell her that.

I think the place has gotten a little ramshackle, but I can’t tell her that.


And I gave Shep a perfect apple from Shinkuu’s town. He loved it. 😉


I still have to get signatures for Rooney’s petition, so I better get going and catch up in Kasen.


P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thank, Nintendo!

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