Animal Crossing New Leaf US: It’s stuck in my head

Today blogging is a respite from studying studying studying. I think my eyes are going to fall out and I may fall asleep on my keyboard—which btw is attached to an iPad, so if this post looks funny its cause I don’t usually post from the wordpress app…

He is an alien

I’m convinced that Octavian is not of this world. His interior decor confirms this, but also what he says when you startle him awake. It’s not natural.




More critters

Last night as Kokuto was trying to wend his way through victory road, I was busy diving for a horsehair crab because I thought it was the last critter I needed this month.


As you can see, I found it after a little while. Then I got nosy so I decided to investigate which fish I still needed. I found out one of those was this month’s tuna. I thought I had caught one for some reason. I think since it’s an expensive big fish I thought I had gotten one on the island, but they don’t appear on the island. So I fished and fished and finally got a tuna.


The other fish I need will all be available next month except for one crab. I need:

  • pond smelt
  • stringfish
  • sea butterfly
  • spider crab—available in March and April

I’m a little disappointed to learn the spider crab won’t appear until March. If any of my readers are TTers and are in March or April I’d love to come over and dive around a bit. 😉 As the months I’ve played ACNL march on I find I’m less and less concerned with playing strictly by the book. If I was able to unload the townies I liked from Quantico or could ensure they wouldn’t leave, I would TT just to catch the silly crab.

speaking of time passing

Yesterday in Kasen Yumi had a visit from Pete bearing a letter from Nintendo. It was a letter commemorating playing for a year and contained a flower bouquet (one of the weeding day rewards that is not orderable). So, it’s official: I’ve been playing ACNL for a year.

What You Again?

Gulliver seems to wash up with the same frequency as catching sea bass. I didn’t even know he was on our shores until I began hunting for the tuna. Though I knew where he was going I purposefully led him astray so I could give Locke another chocolate coin.






And then we danced. Because I’ve started dancing as often as possible with anyone who will dance with me.20131108-134959.jpg

Let there Be flower arch

I had a tiny epiphany about where I could put the flower arch. It’s kind of a silly spot. I wasn’t sure it would fit, and it doesn’t make much sense as a place for an arch, but it matches the flowers in the area so…



And so this morning it was unveiled. We haven’t celebrated it yet. And I’m hoping that when we do no one falls in the pond since it’s so close. I still think that’s a silly place for it, but I also really love it. I’ll try to remember to update my dream address this evening since I haven’t done that in a while.

That’s about it for now. Today the only visitor we have is Katie the kitten. Booker doesn’t even mention her when I ask if anything’s going on in town. Back to the study grind. Thanks for the reprieve.

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

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  1. Wow – congratulations on your one year anniversary! What a fun way to spend a year 🙂 Keep up the good work studying – we are pulling for you!

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