Animal Crossing New Leaf US: A Very Dreamy Encounter

Stalk Market???

You know, with all the running around I did today I completely forgot to check.

Octopus’ Garden

Octavian made me do it.

♫ I'd like to be Under the sea In an octopus' garden In the shade ♪ ♪ ♪

♫ I’d like to be
Under the sea
In an octopus’ garden
In the shade ♪ ♪ ♪

Animal Crossing is full of bug puns and fish puns. When Octavian opens his mouth and talks about gardening I can’t help but start singing the Beatles. And then walk off laughing like Snoopy.


Turnabout is Fair Play

The other day I logged in and checked my site stats (something I haven’t done in eons) and noticed I had several referrals from Bidoof Crossing. I stopped by and saw that he had posted about visiting Hanabi in a dream. And said some nice things about my towns and blog. Thanks Jake! I hadn’t ever visited his town (because I am a lazy lazy dream visitor and hardly ever visit anyone. Something I hope to rectify in the near future). So I decided I’d go check out skyfall. But when I got there things looked strange…and vacant…and summer-like.


Hey. We don't have these in Hanabi right now! Something's wrong. Wake me up!

Hey. We don’t have these in Hanabi right now! Something’s wrong. Wake me up!

I knew that there was an issue with his dream codes and that he somehow ended up getting another one. I had stumbled into the old version of his town. I didn’t stick around, but found the correct address: 6700-2379-4935 and tried again.

beautiful fall foliage. This is better. :)

beautiful fall foliage. This is better. 🙂

Hazel's male counterpart. ACNL could make bucks on tweezers.

Hazel’s male counterpart. ACNL could make bucks on tweezers.








Jen from Pink Sea I’m going to visit and post about your village after vacation!

Back in Hanabi

Julian started talking about dreamy encounters. Hi, Gemma from Town Me. 🙂



The dreaming was probably the highlight of the past few days. I haven’t been studying as much as I should and have spent way too much time trying to organize my stash of Gracie clothes over in Kasen. I now have a museum room devoted to Gracie dresses, shoes, and parasols. And another full of all the animal print clothing and my illicit zodiac figurines. I still haven’t figured out what to do with all of the pants and shirts. They’ll probably end up in someone’s drawers. If I’m really diligent they’ll be organized by season. I may be slightly OCD.

Yesterday I really can’t remember if we had a visitor. Since I have no pictures attesting that we did I’m going to say that it was a visitor-less day and I just doled out perfect apples to Felicity (with her tree-shaking phobia) and set an alarm to visit Octavian.



Today wasn’t much better. I had a lot of running around to do before leaving tomorrow and so I haven’t gotten to play much. I even thought about not posting today, but after I finished packing and there was nothing else to worry about I decided posting sounded good. Nevertheless I had to wait until after 5pm because I had ordered a piece of furniture for Octavian.

We did have a visitor today. I saw Saharah wandering about, but I didn’t get any rooms redone. I suppose now that the evening is winding down I have time to get her to stop by and destroy one of my carefully decorated rooms…

Express Delivery

Ok, so there was one really exciting thing that happened. Pete stopped by with a letter from Nintendo. I hadn’t heard about any DLC, so I had no idea what it was. Inside was a pile of leaves. This will go great in my mishmash Autumn room. It sits on the floor and you can run through it. It shakes. ♥




I couldn't decide on a good standing in leaves emotion. LOL.

I couldn’t decide on a good standing in leaves emotion. LOL.


I hear EU players got the (orderable) Flamenco hat as well today. I would love it if someone could order me one for around um December 3rd or 4th. If said player could wait until then I would happily trade a pile of leaves. (That sounds really weird to me.)

Irritable Octopus

What do you get for an octopus who has every space thing? I couldn’t remember which item he had ditched in favor of the white katana he snagged off of me, so I could have ordered him a replacement space shuttle but…instead I decided the full moon vanity went with his theme so I ordered that for him. I usually give random or remade items to villagers but I really like his spacey house and would like it to stay as alien as possible for as long as possible.


He gave me a regal chair as a reward. I'll butter you up yet, Octopus!

He gave me a regal chair as a reward. I’ll butter you up yet, Octopus!

Golden Sun(Dial)

OK, the whole gold furniture thing is finally starting to get to me. I got another three nuggets, gave them to Cyrus, waited, came back: bam! Golden clock. ANOTHER. GOLDEN. CLOCK. This is the third one in my Re-Tail. I have one in Locke’s house. And one in my house. I think I have at least one or two more in storage.



After deciding that I’m going to try to fill up the entire store with golden clocks I tried to start a conga line. Reese was down with it, but O’Hare refused to participate.


Birthday on the Way

And lastly, I remembered that Tia had sent me a letter telling me her birthday was the 18th (in the middle of my vacation) so rather than wait until the last minute or worse yet—forget, I did a bit of research. Thonky has a list of recommended birthday presents for villagers. I figured it’s getting colder and Tia could use a new coat. Don’t tell her, but she’s getting this:


And with that, I’m out of here! I’ll post when I can. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf US: A Very Dreamy Encounter

  1. I have Tia too and I ordered a Mama Bear for her 🙂 I hope she’ll be happy 😀

    I’d be happy to trade a flamenco hat for a pile of leaves! Even though I didn’t get that hat yet 🙁 Where are you Pete? Is there anything I did wrong? because I live in the EU… Or maybe sometimes it just takes longer…
    I also wanted to ask you if I could catalog/buy some of the reorderable DLC/exclusives you have, I’m especially looking for:

    Aurora Screen
    Sprout Table
    Leaf Bed
    Blossom Lantern
    Cherry Blossom Clock
    Tree-Stump Chair
    Carp Banner
    Raccoon Wall Clock
    Girl’s Day Updo
    Cat Tower
    Sushi Platter

    The only problem is that I can’t really offer you anything for it except for the sharp outfit and the blue bar tee and money of course 🙂

  2. Hi, do you still need the sloppy floor and bed ? because I have them but I’m not really interested in this set, I can give them to you !

  3. Ok, so I got a Tam o’shanter now, not sure why I got this and not the flamenco hat, but it’s also reorderable, so I could trade this for a pile of leaves 😀

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