Animal Crossing New Leaf JP: News from Kasen

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Well, I’m finally home, but it’s not quite as wonderful as I’d hoped to be out of the car and in my own place because they’ve started to replace the roof today and are pounding pounding pounding away right above my head. *shakes fist* I’ve been in the car since 6am and dealing with a screaming cat for 7 hours. All I wanted was to unwind a little. No such luck. Oh well.

News from Kasen

Just before I left for my trip Yuka decided she wanted to move. She had recently given Yumi her picture and I’ve never been that fond of her, so I told her to go and see the world. She packed up on the 17th.

Yuka preparing for her big move.

Yuka preparing for her big move.

My husband was worried he’d end up with Yuka because he’s had nine residents forever. Usually we ask one another before letting a townie move out because we trade townies a lot. He was ok with getting Yuka. He needn’t have worried. She ended up in Quantico. I thought Quantico was full, but apparently I can’t count.

I had no set villager in mind for Kasen and didn’t really expect much from campers because I’m kinda picky and seem to end up with gorillas or chickens. But on the 22nd I had a camper. I entered the tent hesitantly, afraid it would be a pig or a frog, but it was a bunny. A black bunny. With fangs! (I’m thinking Monty Python right now.)

"Oh! You live here?"

“Oh! You live here?”

He doesn’t really fit with the cute townies I normally like, but he has his own charm. In Japanese his name is アマミン (Amamin) and in English it’s Cole.

He was unusually easy to convince to move. I didn’t have to play any games. He told me had had an interesting dream the night before that he lived in Kasen and I said “why don’t you move here” and he accepted. I have four (human) residents in Kasen, so I can’t do the reset trick to find a good spot for new villagers. I was hoping he’d put his house where Yuka’s was or over in the southeast corner where Iris/Hazel’s house was. Of course he didn’t put it in either of those places, but plopped down right next to Kitt.


Now I feel obligated to find some way to fix the path even though I’m hoping to get Kitt to move soon.

Cole didn’t move in until today, so he’s still in boxes. His house is dark, just like he is, but he’s got a cabana vibe going on inside. Seems contradictory to the little vampire bunny.

Outside Cole's house

Outside Cole’s house

The meeting staring contest.

The meeting staring contest.

Other Kasen News

That’s all the exciting (to me) stuff that happened in Kasen. But I took a few pics of the museum rooms I made starring Gracie clothes. I made one room that has all 19 dresses, all 8 pairs of shoes, and 4 umbrellas. It has a couple hats and accessories for filler.


Shoes, glorious shoes!

Shoes, glorious shoes!


The other room was supposed to be my “where the wild things are” clothes room, but it didn’t turn out as well as I’d like. I put all of the animal print clothes together along with the zodiac animals. It needs some work. When I get a free moment I’ll think about what to do with it.




And now I’m going to pray for the pounding above my head to stop…

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