Animal Crossing New Leaf December Bugs & Fish

December Bugs and Fish

Following is a list of all the bugs and fish to be captured in New Leaf for the month of December. Let’s get catching!
Prices listed are based on Re-Tail’s buying price.

Winter is here! There will be a big snowstorm on the 10th of December. From the 11th of December until late February the ground will be blanketed with snow. Time for snowmen (and women)!

Blue = not available the previous month. In other words, new!
Red = not available next month. In other words, last chance!

Name 日本語の名前 Location time Price
Ant アリ on candy, spoiled turnips2 all day 80
Mole Cricket オケラ underground all day 280
Pill Bug ダンゴムシ hit rocks all day 250
Fly ハエ on spoiled turnips, garbage1,2 all day 60
Bee ハチ shake trees2 all day 2,500
Wharf Roach フナムシ on the beach all day 200
Dung Beetle フンコロガシ above ground rolling snowballs2 17:00-7:59 800
bagworm ミノムシ shake trees2 17:00-7:59am 300
Centipede ムカデ under rocks 16:00-23:00 300

1. Not in rainy weather
2. Not when gates are open

Name 日本語の名前 Location time price
Horse Mackerel アジ ocean all day 150
Yellow Perch イエローパーチ river all day 240
Squid イカ ocean all day 400
Stringfish イトウ river 16:00-8:59 15,000
Dace ウグイ river all day 200
Pale Chub オイカワ river 9:00-15:59 200
Dab カレイ ocean all day 300
Goldfish キンギョ river all day 1,300
Sea Butterfly クリオネ ocean all day 1,000
Carp コイ river all day 300
Coelacanth シーラカンス ocean (in the rain) 4:00-8:59; 16:00-3:59 15,000
Sea Bass スズキ ocean all day 200
Red Snapper タイ ocean all day 3,000
bitterling タナゴ river all day 900
football fish チョウチンアンコウ ocean 16:00-08:59 1,500
pop-eyed goldfish デメキン river 9:00-15:59 1,300
freshwater goby ドンコ river 4:00-8:59; 16:00-3:59 300
barbel steed ニゴイ river all day 200
Koi ニシキゴイ river 4:00-8:59; 16:00-3:59 4,000
Pike パイク river 4:00-20:59 1800
olive flounder ヒラメ ocean all day 800
Blow Fish フグ ocean 21:00-03:59 125
crucian carp フナ river all day 120
black bass ブラックバス river all day 300
bluegill ブルーギル river 9:00-15:59 120
Tuna マグロ ocean all day 7,000
Oarfish リュウグウノツカイ ocean all day 9,000
Pond Smelt ワカサギ river all day 300

The location for sea creatures refers to whether you can capture them in the village or on the island.

Sea Creatures
Name 日本語の名前 Location Time Price
pearl oyster アゴヤガイ village all day 1,600
Sweet Shrimp アマエビ village 16:00-8:59 650
abalone アワビ village 4:00-8:59; 16:00-3:59 400
Spiny Lobster イセエビ village 21:00-3:59 3,000
sea anemone イソギンチャク village all day 100
sea slug ウミウシ village all day 200
Oyster オイスター village all day 400
Horsehair Crab ケガニ village all day 4,000
Turban Shell サザエ village 16:00-8:59 300
mantis shrimp シャコ village 4:00-8:59; 16:00-3:59 1,250
Snow Crab ズワイガニ village all day 4,000
Octopus タコ village all day 1200
Red King Crab タラバガニ village all day 600
ear shell トコブシ village 4:00-8:59; 16:00-3:59 300
Sea Cucumber ナマコ village all day 150
Clam ハマグリ village all day 300
starfish ヒトデ village all day 100
acorn barnacle フジツボ village all day 200
scallop ホタテ village all day 1,000
lobster ロブスター village all day 2,500
Seaweed ワカメ village all day 200

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