Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Pretentious and Snooty

Meteor Shower

I remembered to play the night of the meteor shower (Monday) and I even updated Hanabi’s dream address, so if you visit you’ll get to watch the shooting stars. I also left out some glow wands so you don’t trip and some beans so you can terrorize Hanabi’s villagers.
Dream address: 4500-2096-7539

Villager Antics

I’m still trying to get Rooney and O’Hare to tell me what they want for Toy Day. Neither of them have spilled. Unfortunately O’Hare is sick right now so I doubt he’s going to confess his toy day desires until he gets better.

Who is it? Spill!!

Who is it? Spill!!

Barold visited the other day and was mortified that I had food in my house for decoration and not for eating. I ♥ him.—But I don’t love him enough to have two of him. Kasen had its first igloo yesterday and in it was Barold.



I also hosted Julian who insisted on coming over to my house immediately.




They're eclectic

They’re eclectic

Snow Play

Today I completed another snow family. This one was a little…imperfect. Snow Mama was slightly frustrated with her shape. (aren’t all women?)



Yay! I think that means I should have a snow bunny in the mail tomorrow.

Yay! I think that means I should have a snow bunny in the mail tomorrow.

After spinning my snowman’s eyes today (still creepy) I only needed one number in three different places for a bingo. I saw that one of my friend’s towns with a number I needed was open so I snuck over for a quick bingo.

Thank you Astrid!

Thank you Astrid!


He rewarded me with a slalom gate. Tomorrow I’ll start on a new snow family since I have two more items to get from snow tyke. This time I have to have two unbalanced snow people not including snow tyke who must be built properly. I’m unsure who to make…ugly this time. I usually do an ugly snowmam because the ice set is the easiest winter set to get. If you have the patience you can do it with one snowmam in one day. But I have 4 snowflakes in my pockets that I’d like to unload…And I would like a new bingo card… #acnlproblems


A fellow mortal instruments reader. Hi Clary. ;)

A fellow mortal instruments reader. Hi Clary. 😉

I took a break from my tour of ACUKE towns to visit towns from Japanese Nintendo magazines. I’ve been to most of them before, but I was curious how they’d changed since last time I went.








Love the Japanaese Nintendo town

Love the Japanaese Nintendo town





tomodachi collection!

tomodachi collection!

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!
P.P.S. I also had Redd today in both towns. I got a scenic painting. Meh. But Yumi finally got one she needed. Only 2 more!

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