Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Casting Pearls Before Swine

No More Documentaries

Wednesday night I logged on to see if I could prod some of my more stubborn neighbors into revealing what they want for toy day. I past Julian and he happened to mention on a whim that he wanted to get his petition for “No More Documentaries” signed. I figured it would be a worthy cause and so I shuffled off to Kasen to enlist supporters.


Everyone was ready to lend a signature to end boring documentaries forever. I had a full roster in no time.




I went back and handed it over. I couldn’t believe it when Julian gave me…his…picture!!!!



Is it real? OMG Finally!

Is it real? OMG Finally!


Best picture caption ever.

Best picture caption ever.

Now I just need Tia’s and Octavian’s. *happy dance*

Saharah’s Nightmares

I felt bad for Saharah’s endless wandering around the village so I paid her to ruin my house.


Today in Hanabi

Nothing much was going on. Tomorrow is the solstice. Glow wands on standby! I’m working on an imperfect snow family right now, so I have a perfect snowman because I needed a new bingo card, and today I rolled an angry snowmam. Tomorrow will be a messed up snowboy followed by a perfect snowtyke. With a little luck he’ll give me the little igloo.
Today's Bingo # is 40


Today’s Bingo # is 40

Overheard: Rooney teaches Felicity how to clean her room







wth does that mean???

wth does that mean???



mean! Rooney. Mean.

mean! Rooney. Mean.

Jingle’s Updated Present List

After much hounding I finally got both Rooney and the recently recovered O’Hare to tell me what they want for Christmas. I’d like to get a little more detail out of some of my townies, but here’s my list.

Villager hint 1 hint 2
Felicity umbrella yellow
Shep doll
Octavian plant purple
Barold lamp brown
Tia furniture red
Julian gray
Sheldon green
Rooney white
Soleil furniture beige
O’Hare wallpaper
Being Jingle is not one of your present options O'Hare...

Being Jingle is not one of your present options O’Hare…


Public Service Announcement

I’ll most likely be posting on Monday. But since Christmas is on Wednesday and I’m making an impromptu trip down to LA on Christmas morning (it was supposed to be a surprise, but I just told my mom I’m coming cause I can’t keep a secret), no posting Wednesday. I’ll most likely resume on Friday to regale you with Jingle hi-jinx.

Also, The countdown is coming up very soon after that. I’ll be opening up Kasen so y’all can come get some としこしそば (New Year’s Noodles). I’ll tentatively be open December 31 from 10am-noon PST and again for an hour or two in the afternoon. If any of my non-US readers would like to come to Hanabi to get the sparkling cider I can open, but I’m seriously disappointed with the cider. It just looks like a bag when you set it in a room and makes me feel like a wino. If I get enough people who want it I can open Hanabi as well, but I really don’t like having 2 towns open at once. I’m a bad hostess when that happens.

I would *love* to visit different regions for a berliner (German), 12 grape-plate (Spanish language games?) or a bell knickknack (Korean). If you have one of those regions and would like to cross-visit (or just bring me a tasty treat) comment with your friend code and we can set up a time to meet.

Kasen’s friend code is: 5155-3157-1276
Hanabi’s friend list is almost full, so I’d prefer not to add anyone new. But Exceptions can be made for the above items. 😛

Oh and also, I will have the Sagittarius Bow and the Capricorn Ornament out to catalog in Kasen.

Nintendo Dreams

I’m still dreaming a bit. I keep hoping I’ll get the badge, but since it’s been snowing Phineas wouldn’t be out anyway. I should really keep track of how many dream towns I go to…

I visited every Nintendo dream town that I know of. Already did the Japanese Nintendo town. So I went to EU, NA and (I hope it was because I can’t read Korean) the Korean one.

This is the UK Nintendo Village.


elf workshop!

elf workshop!


These following pics are from the US Nintendo Village: 5700 – 2038 – 6151
I ♥ the pikmin-themed rooms. I need to make some better color-themed rooms. Getting kinda bored with my front room…





And I’m hoping this is the official Korean Nintendo Village…If not, it’s very Nintendo themed. 😉

There were a lot of blocked rooms in the house...

There were a lot of blocked rooms in the house…


Gift shop! I'll take the peach dress please.

Gift shop! I’ll take the peach dress please.

And token Zelda room. My sword. Gimme.

And token Zelda room. My sword. Gimme.

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!
P.P.S. Happy Toy Day!

9 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Casting Pearls Before Swine

  1. He’s my favorite. I don’t wanna part with him. 🙁 I’m thinking if Sheldon asks I might let him go but right now I don’t really want anyone to move.

  2. Happy Toy Day!

    Congrats on receiving Julian’s pic! And that conversation between Felicity and Rooney was hilarious.

    I know how you feel about not wanting any of your villagers to move out. I feel the same way about mine, but probably not for the same reasons. Although, I made a promise to myself that I would stop holding my villagers hostage after Toy Day and start granting their requests to leave.

  3. Congratulations on Julian’s picture, Jen! I have a sloppy stereo for you, so if you could spare a cider and some noodles, I would be very happy! (I don’t think I can visit Hanabi/Kasen on the 31st you see).

  4. Hehe! What a fantastic response! Thank you so much! And yes, I will definitely NOT combine the two…

    How was it being Santa for a day? I had a blast!

  5. Hi Jennifer, I just found your blog and I may have read through most of it already… >_> I dunno if you’re still accepting FCs for Kasen, but I’d love some noodles lol. I’ve already added you, so here’s mine: 3969-5371-0422 and my name’s Quills. =)

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