Animal Crossing New Leaf US: That’s No Bueno

The Longest Night

It was a little weird although it would make sense if I had my Japanese 3DS on Japanese time. In the US Animal Crossing the solstice was on the 21st. In the Japanese game it was on the 22nd. I was confused I had the day wrong on my 3DS or something when Isabelle wasn’t standing outside in Kasen to greet me.


I'll see if I can bring you a nice hot cup of coffee. K?

I’ll see if I can bring you a nice hot cup of coffee. K?

Shep didn't handle the absence of the sun well.

Shep didn’t handle the absence of the sun well.

That's even worse than ma'am. You may be on my moving list Shep. :P

That’s even worse than ma’am. You may be on my moving list Shep. 😛


The long night didn’t stop Phineas from showing up. I finally got the dreamer badge! Which means I have at least bronze in every badge. Yay!




Heartened by my encounter with Phineas I looked at my badges and decided that I could money launder with Yumi to get the savings badge. She has almost 100,000,000 bells sitting in her bank account. She generously donated almost 20 million in 1.5 million increments to get Vella’s account to 20 million. You only need 10 million for the badge, but Vella is a little greedy. I just know I’m not going through that turnip cheating fiasco again. I’d rather bankrupt Yumi to get Vella to 100,000,000. It’s much easier.

And after my efforts I ran into Phineas again. I feel a little guilty about his savings speech but you do what you’ve gotta do.




Sometime in the middle of all the money laundering (which really just means I withdrew money with Yumi, plopped it on the ground, had Vella pick it up and deposit it until I had 20 million bells) I took the time to visit K.K. After I got back from Kasen I had a letter from him with his picture! [link goes to miiverse. I hope it works…]



Catalog Day from Hell: AKA Sunday

I dunno why I’m on a badge kick. I guess because it gives me a goal. I’ve been playing for over a year now. I could easily just log on every day, make sure no one’s moving and log off, but the badges give me something to work toward.

First in the continuing quest for badges I purchased about a million bells worth of turnips from Kasen for 92 bells apiece. I realize this was probably a bad move as I’ll be out of town after Wednesday but even the purchase price goes toward the badge so even if I lose money I still make headway just not as much). Regardless, if you get good prices remember me. I’m a good tipper. 😉

After buying turnips I looked at Vella’s badges and I realized that she only had silver in the catalog badge. Yumi has gold because over the summer I went on an insane catalog hunt and ordered everything from streetpass houses that I could so all total I need fewer than 50 items for my catalog (not counting stationery or gyroids or unreleased items). Vella helped to order things that she had that Yumi needed, but largely didn’t share in the great catalog completion. I’ve been dreading taking stock of Vella’s catalog because the only English guide/list that I have is the Prima guide and if you have the prima guide you know that they just threw the items up on the page putting them in no discernible order. I had a day with nothing to do so I decided I could bite the bullet and sort out Vella’s clothing catalog. I spent the entire day just checking off shoes, socks, accessories, hats, dresses, bottoms, and tops. At the end of the day I found out that Vella needed over 400 of those items alone. I haven’t even looked at furniture. I put the master list up on moridb and I’m slowly buying stuff from shops and having Yumi order items. I’m almost down to 300 just from cataloging Gracie items and buying things I needed from the shop.

In the midst of this I came to the realization that because of her allergy to shopping Vella only has the silver shopping badge. So I need to spend money on the king’s crown in Able’s shop today that I don’t really need…or maybe have her buy Gracie furniture, but I don’t really want a second set of gorgeous furniture. The things you do for badges…

So I don’t have many pictures to show for yesterday. While I was hunched over my computer desk Vella was hunched over the ordering Kiosk in the emporium for so long that the game crashed. It freaked me out, but everything seems ok. Oh my aching neck.

But, when I did stop poring over the catalog I found out we had a camper. We’re full up so there’s no inviting him in, but Rowan is pretty cute.



Today in Hanabi

Well, I bought stuff. I made sure to hit Kicks and the Able sisters. I did buy that king’s crown they had. Sadly Kasen has a king’s crown too (what are the odds?) and I’ll probably run over there and buy theirs as well. So with any luck I’ll have that gold shopping badge by tomorrow.

Gulliver washed ashore. You can always count on him to be passed out when nothing’s going on. I decided to steer him to the correct destination just in case I need the item he’ll send me. 😛





I think I want to go to dinner with Gulliver. He loves exotic food and I do too. ;)

I think I want to go to dinner with Gulliver. He loves exotic food and I do too. 😉



Are you daydreaming about Toy Day tomorrow? I bet you are.

Are you daydreaming about Toy Day tomorrow? I bet you are.

Buck up snowman. Your entire family is going to suck. I need a sleigh.

Buck up snowman. Your entire family is going to suck. I need a sleigh.

Toy Day Dead Ahead!

OMG tomorrow is Toy Day! I’m feeling all right about delivering presents in Hanabi, but in Kasen Lolly still hasn’t said what she wanted. Two of my townies have said they want something green, but not elaborated. Kitt will be in boxes and we just got a new townie today—Lobo the wolf. He’s my hubby’s favorite villager so when I saw him in the igloo I snatched him up. But the timing is a little bad. Needless to say I’m kinda worried and will probably make an attempt tonight to get Lolly to tell me what she wants and try and get Zell and Kidd to tell me what kind of green thing they want. Oh! And the icing on the cake—Lillian/Bunnie is sick. Toy Day may very well be ruined. Eep.

IRL I have to pack for a Christmas trip to LA Orange County and bake a blueberry pie for my 91 year-old grandma who isn’t doing very well.

Now the cat is coming (and she hates driving. Ugh) because one of my friends from LA who lives in Salt Lake City will be flying home for the holidays so we’ve extended the trip by a few days to see him. Yay! So whether I blog on Friday or not is a toss up. Depends on whether the internet in the hotel sucks, and how much down time I have.


Happy Toy Day everyone! Stay safe and warm! I’ll write when I write.

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

2 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf US: That’s No Bueno

  1. Congrats on getting Julian’s pic btw! XD Also awesome snowman family with mixing it up with making them all different sizes lol. 😉 I don’t know why but snow boy seem’s to be the hardest to get right when making that snowman lol.

    BTW since you have a japanese 3ds have you ever played Kuma Tomo – 3DS? It’s a japanese 3ds game about a teddy bear which seem’s extremely cute if you ever get the game could you please post some pic’s from that game. Thank you in advance. 🙂

    I love reading your animal crossing posts too. 😉 There very cute. 🙂

    Happy Gaming! (^_^)

  2. Thank you! I waited forever for that unicorn’s picture! Now I just need him to give me a few more so I can put them all around my rooms. 😉

    Snowboy is tough! I had last season to practice so I think I’ve finally gotten him down. I had a lot of mistakes last year. You roll the base ball up to about the middle of your nose/the bottom of your eyes. I always stand next to it, press up and then use my stylus as a guide to see exactly where it is. Once you’ve got that one the right size roll another a little bit smaller and you’re good to go.

    I had to giggle when I saw your Kuma Tomo request. In the magazine PikoPuri that I often buy they have a section on Kuma Tomo and a comic. It looks so adorable! I’d like to play it but I have so many games! My husband finds the bear really creepy, so I always threaten him that I’m going to get it and play it all the time. If I ever do I’ll be sure to post pictures. 🙂

    Thanks for reading! 🙂

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