Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Seeing Spots

Stalk Market for Monday, January 6

AM: 82
PM: 78

I’m back on the turnip bandwagon with the hopes of slowly making my way toward the gold turnip trading badge. I didn’t buy a ton of them yesterday, but I bought a few at 92 bells apiece. I’m hoping this downward trend doesn’t continue.

New PWP in Hanabi!

There won’t be many PWPs from here on out since we’re full, but the bridge replacement I was able to do since Sheldon moved was a success.

I’m still hoping that someday Rooney or Octavian suggests a zen clock so I can replace the tiki torch we have, but I’m not holding my breath.


Winter Sports

I’m still on my snowboy rolling kick. The other day I kept making them almost perfect and it took me three tries to get him right. Resetti gave me an earful.



I get all of it. I'm just over it.

I get all of it. I’m just over it.

Eventually we had a flock of perfect snowboys. I stood with them and chanted “one of us. one of us.” It seemed appropriate.


I think I have four more items from the snowman set to get, so I’ll be rolling them most of the week.


Saturday my husband and I went to J-Town in San Francisco. I ended up at Kinokuniya, my favorite Japanese book store (even though it’s really rather expensive) and found a new New Leaf book. It was sealed, so I wasn’t sure exactly what it was, but I knew it had a desk calendar in it and it was cute, so I bought it. It turned out to be a schedule book. Each day has room to note turnip prices, lucky item and villager requests. Each day also has a villager’s picture if it’s their birthday and shows if there is an event that day such as the upcoming fishing tourney on the 18th.

In the back there’s an item checklist, a list of all the villagers with their likes and dislikes coffee preference etc. There’s a ton of info in the little schedule book. The catch? Well, it’s all in Japanese of course. Why don’t we get cute books like this in the US?


A page from the calendar which now sits on my desk.

A page from the calendar which now sits on my desk.

Monthly overview with villagers on their birthdays.

Monthly overview with villagers on their birthdays.

left page has special events for the month. right page starts off the daily pages for the month.

left page has special events for the month. right page starts off the daily pages for the month.

shirt checklist from the back. It tells colors, style, how to get them. It's a nice reference.

shirt checklist from the back. It tells colors, style, how to get them. It’s a nice reference.

I’m horrible with keeping a schedule book, but I’m trying to keep track of my turnip prices and write down a little bit about my capers and who wants what. We’ll see if I can keep it up. I’ve also been getting my lucky item fortune for the day which is turning out to be weird.



Yesterday in Hanabi

Rooney sold me a Serene painting. I held my breath because it’s the last painting I need to complete Kasen’s museum. (The Quaint Painting was real!!) Unfortunately the serene painting was a fake. Shame on you for getting my hopes up Rooney! See if I don’t kick you out next!

I see where this is going...

I see where this is going…

I got a barbel steed for Tia, visited Julian and bought his lovely lamp. And then had a bit of a trading/cataloging party with friends I’ve been meaning to catch up with for a while. Thank you MerryNoel, Euphy, and Rachael!




And then in the evening I money laundered my way up to 50 million bells. Sadly Yumi is 30 million bells poorer now, but sacrifices must be made.



Today in Hanabi

We have Saharah. I haven’t requested her services yet. Not sure if I’ll take advantage of her redecorating or not.

Tia is dreaming about my friends. 😉




I made another perfect snowboy. Fortunately on one try this time. I hate hunting for snowballs multiple times.

I went to the island and did a couple of tours. I’m working my way towards 5,000 medals for the gold badge 15 medals at a time. I usually only have the patience for 3-4 runs of a tour, so it’s going to be a loooong time.

I’m also eagerly awaiting 5pm so I can go over and catalog all of the items Yumi has ordered and then have Yumi order more stuff for tomorrow. I finished hats, and should be done with dresses today and then either have Yumi order shirts (not looking forward to that) or carpets and wallpapers which should be easier.

And that’s about it for now. I’m off to the dentist Wednesday (doesn’t it seem like I’m always there? This should be my last appointment for a while. Finally getting my permanent crown.) but I’ll try to blog before my appointment.

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

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