Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Deep Breath

How can you not love a sleeping octopus?

How can you not love a sleeping octopus?

I admit I ran into Joan yesterday and asked about turnips. I did this purely so I could record it in my schedule book. They were 107. I had no intention of buying. This week turnip prices started off at 136, so I think it’s going to be a random week.

Time Sink

I’m still working on cataloging items. I’m under 200 now—at the time of this post I need 177 items in Vella’s catalog (not counting gyroids or stationery), so making slow, steady progress. But ordering items in one language for a game in another language is not an easy feat and mostly involves copious amounts of scrolling, so I haven’t been doing too much else. If I stop ordering now I doubt I’ll ever finish.

One thing I have found in attempting to order for Vella: I’m missing a few things with Yumi! Eek! Does anyone out there have:

  • blue tartan tee
  • festive candle (the menorah)

I would love to trade…whatever… for them. I hope I don’t come across any other anomalies, but I probably will.

Winter Games

Ok, saying all I’ve done is order things is a bit of an exaggeration, but it does take up a lot of time. I also went on a snowflake hunt to complete the ice set. This mostly consisted of running from one beach to the other hoping to find snowflakes along the way. On my way down to the beach one time I saw O’Hare struggling to free himself from a pitfall trap (gotta put those somewhere. I thought it was out of the way…) I couldn’t help him, so I snapped a picture instead.



I did eventually catch enough snowflakes to complete the ice set. I’m still halfheartedly catching 3 at a time because I’d like an extra ice lamp. Snowmam will be gone tomorrow though, so I doubt I’ll get one.

Which means: Bingo is ON! And those snowmen are trolling me.



I did eventually get a bingo which earned me a bobsled. Still trying. Yumi’s bingo numbers have been largely useless to me and vice versa. I haven’t tried rolling snowmen in Quantico every day too. I just can’t do three towns at once.

so many more to go

so many more to go

Today in Hanabi

Since I got that cataloging badge (but I’m still trying to catalog) I haven’t made much progress on other badges. Nevertheless I thought I must be close to the silver visiting badge since I visit Kasen at least once a day, but usually more. So, while I was doing flash cards (learning a language is so glamorous) I opened Kasen and had Vella go back and forth back and forth with megaphone in hand. When she returned to Hanabi I would shout “Phineas” and was usually greeted by Felicity…

But at last I shouted “Phineas” and he responded. I rushed over to get my World Traveler badge.


I really do need to get out more. Anyone wanna invite me over?

I really do need to get out more. Anyone wanna invite me over?

This is a lie. If the badge guide is to believed I know exactly how many times I've traveled to other towns: 250.

This is a lie. If the badge guide is to believed I know exactly how many times I’ve traveled to other towns: 250.

I have 4 bronze badges left:

  • bug catching
  • fish catching
  • weeding
  • dreaming

I’ve gone to the island at night a little lately to catch bugs and fish. I’ve made no progress on weeding. Yumi doesn’t have that badge at all, so when Quantico gets overrun by weeds I’ve been letting her pick them over there. Maybe after the winter when I don’t have to chase snowballs I’ll take Hanabi off of perfect town and try and weed daily. And I haven’t dreamed lately either. I have a big list of towns to visit, I just haven’t gotten around to dreaming yet. I’m sure you’ll know when I do.

I have 9 silver badges. The rest are gold.

  • diving critters
  • balloon popping
  • island medals
  • saving
  • letter writing
  • street pass
  • visiting other towns
  • hosting
  • play time

I should just pick one and try for it. According to my log I have 570 hours or something with Animal Crossing. I can’t imagine much of it was spent with other characters. And I doubt I’ve reset that much, so I should get that badge any time now I think.

I have no control over streetpass, but I get at least 2 a day with Quantico and Kasen. Kokuto shut off his AC street pass after we got back from Japan to keep his Japanese houses. I doubt I can persuade him to turn it back on so I can get 3 a day. 😉

Need to visit 250 towns for gold. Ugh. Anyone want to have me over?

Need to host around 250 people for gold. Should I open up weekly again?

I think once I finish cataloging I’ll have more will to write 100 letters.

I could get the saving badge pretty easily. It would just take time transferring money from Yumi’s account. But she would be very nearly broke after that.

Island medals will take forever. Maybe I should host a weekly tour group?

Balloon popping. I don’t see that many balloons. Probably because I’m busy doing other things while I play, but whenever I do I drop everything to shoot it down. Does anyone have tips for finding them more frequently?

catching diving creatures. Just need to do it. Maybe go on another scallop hunt for more pirate goods. I do miss Pascal.

Badges are kind of tedious and sort of take the fun out of the game if you try to hard to get them. Nevertheless I feel compelled to get them…


It was statue day at Redd’s Gallery. I bought the beautiful statue because it was the only real one. Any takers?



Shep lost it. We may need to see if we can get him some therapy.


P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

5 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Deep Breath

  1. I (think) I have both of the items you need in my catalog Jenn, I’ll check and let you know! I also have a Bell Knicknack to bring with me for our next cataloging party 😉 – Rachael

  2. Oh, and I’d be happy to have you over for 100 visits so I can get my train station! I think this weekend should be fine, let me know on twitter 🙂

  3. If you need someone to do the visiting town thing, I can open one of mine as well on Friday — I just restarted a town, but my main town still needs the train station (back after a two-three month break). I can steal my hubby’s 3ds so you can visit with no interruptions if you decide to do it!

  4. @Amy I could go back and forth a bit on Friday 🙂 I don’t know how many times as I have the attention span of a tsi tsi fly, but I would be happy to do it for a while. What time and time zone?

    @barbiegurl777 are you trying to unlock the train station as well? I should just start a visiting service. 😉 But I do need visits too. 🙂

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