Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Just Snuggle

It’s been a quiet couple of days in Hanabi. The great catalog ordering spree has come to an end so I’ve been kind of taking a break from desperately trying to get badges. The gold savings badge is in my sights though. I just haven’t felt like spending an entire evening transferring funds from Yumi to Vella. Maybe tonight? Maybe tomorrow? We’ll see. 😉 Sometime when I’m bored and watching tv.

I’m still making dresses out of ぴこぷり. I have a problem.


Shep had me get his petition for appreciating hipsters signed (again! We already did this one). I went to Kasen and hit up all the residents. There was also a meteor shower while I was there so I made a few wishes—one of them was not that town hall explode behind me, but it sure looked like it.

I hope I don't get hit by the blast...

I hope I don’t get hit by the blast…


You're not very nice, Lobo. I think we need to ship you off to Jisuna (my husband's town) soon.

You’re not very nice, Lobo. I think we need to ship you off to Jisuna (my husband’s town) soon.

Of course Shep gave me his picture (also again) after gathering the signatures. I’m thinking I need to put a section on my wishlist for my duplicate townie pics. I’d like to trade them for pictures of townies I don’t have.

Bingo Sucks

I’ve also been religiously rolling snow daddies. They been taunting me with their numbers. Last night after this horror of a bingo card:

It got worse. I rolled a 14 after I took this pic.

It got worse. I rolled a 14 after I took this pic.

I decided it was time to enlist Mayor Hotch’s help and I played Quantico for a few days before finally getting a number for bingo.


I got the ski slope floor. I still need a snowboard, snow machine, and snowmobile. So I’ll be playing a bit more bingo, wanting to pour hot water on my snow daddies all the while I’m sure.


Today I had campers in both Hanabi and Kasen. I get so anxious before I enter the tent/igloo when I have a spot free and I have spots free in both towns. And I was disappointed in both towns. In Hanabi I walked in to find Hugh. I have him in Quantico. He asks to move a lot. Next!


The camper in Kasen was even worse. It was like Kitt all over again, but purple and with ugly hair! Sylvia the kangaroo. Ack!

I was hoping that Carmen, Ankha, or Flurry would ping mayor Hotch and ask to move as I made snowmen. I would take any of them for one of my regular towns and then I could TT in Quantico and not care who left. Of course they didn’t. This morning Molly asked to move out of Quantico. I like Molly, but she’s not a dreamy, so I told her no. Maybe in a few days one of the others will want to move. A girl can dream.

And that’s about it. Just relaxing in town for a bit.

Sh*t My Townies Say



He's talking about a blue dresser FYI.

He’s talking about a blue dresser FYI.

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

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