Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Stumpy Stump

If you follow me on twitter, then you know the big news for Hanabi. Flurry moved in. She’s unpacking as I type and should be all settled tomorrow.


I didn’t quite luck into her. She’s been on my alt game (Quantico) for ages—mayor Hotch has three of her pictures—and she finally asked to move. Since I had an opening in both Kasen and Hanabi I agreed wholeheartedly to the move. Then hemmed and hawed trying to decide which town to move her in to. In the end I chose Hanabi because I could pick her spot. There aren’t many places left to build a house in Hanabi. Two of the prime spaces were vacated by Kitt and Rooney, but no one wants to put a house there. I reset and reset and reset, but Flurry insisted on being behind my house, next to my house, in the middle of a path, or in the southern cherry orchard. So, I let her stay as my next-door neighbor. I guess we can rule my fiefdom together.


Initially Vella wasn’t too pleased with Flurry’s placement, but she’ll get used to it.

Step one of budding friendship: send Flurry a better shirt.

Step one of budding friendship: send Flurry a better shirt.

In Other News

I suppose I shouldn’t lead with the most exciting news first because then I have nothing to talk about…I don’t have anything else as exciting as Flurry moving in to share, that’s true, but it’s been an eventful few days in town.

I’ve had a few campers. One on the day I decided to get Flurry (apparently my “come on Marshal” chant is broken). Katt. Oh, scary scary Katt. No. Pass.


And then, after Flurry had set up her spot I had another camper and almost broke into a sweat before going in the igloo—I could get Flurry whenever, but a really good camper, I can’t replace. I needn’t have worried.

So relieved you're not Marshal.

So relieved you’re not Marshal.

And I got another townie’s picture. I finally stuffed Octavian full of enough perfect fruit that he gave me his picture. I seem to always need three pictures: Tia, Pashmina, and Flurry though technically I can steal one of Hotch’s and just ignore her requests, but we both know I couldn’t do that.




I haven’t gotten any new badges. I haven’t even really made much progress except for sending 4 letters a day.

Overheard: Julian has his sports a bit confused…

Like we’re surprised about that one. He’s a cheerleader at heart.





I picked soccer.

I picked soccer.









I guess stealing Julian's catchphrase is better than Octavian's.

I guess stealing Julian’s catchphrase is better than Octavian’s.

(I told him his shirt looked cool. It doesn't really, but look how happy it made him.)

(I told him his shirt looked cool. It doesn’t really, but look how happy it made him.)


I also made a new dress, the QR code of which will be posted tomorrow:


P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

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