Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Feather Allergy

Happy Birthday Flurry!

Yesterday was Flurry’s birthday. I gave her a stew pot for her birthday. She was delighted with it (even though Soleil tried to convince me otherwise)—speaking of Soleil, she was the other villager in attendance. I walked in and saw her and feared for Flurry’s life. I thought for sure she must have poisoned the cake, but she seemed to actually be enjoying the festivities. So maybe they will get along. Who knew?







Same old Same old

The rest of the day was pretty usual. Make snowman. Check Able’s just in case they have one of the few pieces of clothes I need. See if Leif has a white azalea bush or a blue hydrangea bush. Late in the evening I went to the island to unwind. I got a bit of sand in my mouth though as I found out that I was cursed…



I stopped in to the roost for a coffee and chatted with Tia. The more I talk to her the more I like her (when she isn’t talking about her pet bugs).


♥ I'll be your barista Tia

♥ I’ll be your barista Tia

Then I ran around and spilled my coffee everywhere…

yup. still cursed at home. Spilled my coffee. :(

yup. still cursed at home. Spilled my coffee. 🙁

Today in Hanabi

I didn’t get to play much today as I was busy most of the day. I still have to remember to go get Shep an ocean fish…

I found it amusing though that first thing when I turned on the game Soleil ran up to me and announced she was moving. See! Hanabi can’t handle two hamsters! I told her no, so she’s stuck playing second fiddle to that adorable powder puff living next door. Take that, burrito-chan!





This Sunday February 2 is Groundhog’s day for North American games. (Is it for EU too?) I don’t plan to open up, but if anyone needs to come get the present from Isabelle just holler, comment, tweet. You know.

Monday February 3 is Setsubun in Japanese games. I will be open for that. Isabelle will be handing out red and blue ogre masks. I’ll open up Kasen from 10am until noon PST (GMT-8). I might open up again in the afternoon or evening for an hour or so.

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!
P.P.S. OMG I’m so excited to have passed my test that I bought new books for the one this year in December. I’m hopeless!

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