Reminder: Opening for Setsubun in 30 mins

“Demons out! Happiness in!”

"Demons out! Happiness in!"

“Demons out! Happiness in!”

Just a reminder that Kasen will be opening from 10am-noon PST (GMT-8) in approximately 30 minutes. Come get your Ogre masks and then talk to the townies while wearing them. They will pelt you with beans to drive you away. Feel free to come more than once to get red and blue. (I need that gold hosting badge after all.)

If you’re not on my friend list, I can add you before the even begins, but once I open I will not add anyone.

P.S. I’ve caught a cold and may be slightly incoherent/asleep.
P.P.S. I’ve bought the beans in the store so there’s no mad dash to get them. I can/might/sell them/trade them??!

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