Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Icy-Cold Magic

I’m full of excuses for why I haven’t been blogging much lately. Lately I’ve been sick. not sick. sick. not sick. Not really sure what’s up with that. My husband is full blown hacking sick.

Today my excuse for not feeling like blogging (though I’m trying!) is that through extreme clumsiness (or senility, who knows) I managed to fall down the stairs. I eagerly awaited the UPS man this morning for my copy of Bravely Default. When it arrived I met the UPS man at the top of the stairs. (I live on the 2nd floor) Then he said “oh wait I have another package for you ” and proceeded back out to his truck, I was confused—I’m a package nazi and I always know when and where my packages are if I’m expecting them. As I followed him downstairs in my socks while he retrieved the mystery package I slipped, wrenched my stupid right tendonitis shoulder while grabbing for the railing, banged my left arm on the stone steps and broke my thumbnail really hard and deep so that I am no longer excited to play Bravely Default because using the circle pad hurts. Typing seems ok. So, the second package that I didn’t expect that caused my tumultuous tumble—Valentine’s chocolates from the hubby. Never been so depressed to get chocolates in my life.


Wednesday we had a camper. It was Pippy. I had her in one of my games. She’s cute in a freckly sort of way. Now both my towns are full again so I will be terrified each time I walk into an igloo.



I’m trying to think of who I might like to let go because I like new faces every once in a while, but it’s really hard because I like all of my townies in Hanabi right now (Kasen I need to kick Lobo out and then maybe Kidd or Moe). I also like all of the landscaping and house placement in Hanabi so that’s another deterrent to letting someone move. I’m sure eventually I’ll get sick of someone (O’Hare, Shep, Barold or Felicity) and let them go.


Saying nothing happened Wednesday wasn’t entirely true. Rachael from Lavender came over to get a petition signed and I followed her around and talked to everyone.



Today in Hanabi

I opened the door to find Pete waiting with a letter from Nintendo. But it was only an orderable bilboquet attached. Not exciting. OK, I know I’m spoiled and I have almost everything, but…


Pashmina came over for an impromptu visit.

She doesn’t like Flurry? Or why would she look funny in my room. I’m confused.


I hung out with Soleil on the bench.



And then Octavian finally did something that made me glad I’d turned on the game.




I’ve wanted that clock for eons. So today I ordered Isabelle to demolish the tiki torch and tomorrow I’ll put the clock where it was. Can’t take a screenshot of it because I’m full up on PWPs right now.

Misc. Towny Stuff








P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!
P.P.S. I’ma go sulk some more now

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