Animal Crossing New Leaf US: A Good Life

Sorry I disappeared again. I’m gonna blame this stupid cold that is hanging on like grim death (and makes me feel like it some days). Some days I wake up and after coughing for 30 minutes feel pretty a-ok and then others I just can’t shake the cold at all and it makes me feel weak as a newborn kitten, which while cute, sucks.

So, what’s new in Hanabi? Ordinarily I’d say nothing, but this afternoon I finally finally got a badge.

Striking Fear into Phineas





I have been actively seeking balloons for what seems like the past couple weeks. I wish the game told you how many of something you need to get the badge instead of being mysterious (Disney Magic Castle tells you exactly how many of anything you need for a stamp. It spoiled me). I despaired of ever getting the stupid badge. I would shoot down a balloon and then go talk to Booker (Copper? I don’t remember which one I have) and see if Phineas had popped up. He never did. Today I was looking for a balloon when I saw Phineas lurking behind Barold’s house. I ran up like an addict looking for a fix and demanded a badge. And now I can retire my slingshot. At least with Vella. I’m still trying for this badge with Yumi.


I didn’t blog about it, but I posted on twitter that O’Hare wanted to move. I love that side of my town with O’Hare’s house and Felicity’s house. I finally decided that I could reset and get someone over there again so I would let him go. The barrage of adorable campers (not least of which Apple in Kasen’s campground while we’re full there too) made me want to get in some fresh blood, or at least allow for the possibility of a new cutie. So he was supposed to leave the 25th.


The day he asked to move I had Nibbles in Hanabi. Grrrr.


So I kept talking to him each day and each day he’d guilt me about leaving making it harder and harder to tell him to get his sorry a$$ out of Hanabi, but I kept telling him to go. And then he changed his mind and decided to stay and become my bestest friend in the whole wide world. *sigh*





Other Happenings

That was the big news—there’s not much big news any more, take it or leave it. The rest of my time was spent hosting visitors, playing hide-and-seek and getting a PWP request I couldn’t turn down.





I took out one of the Zen lights yesterday and put in the log bench today to be completed tomorrow. It’s a little askew of where I wanted it, but I didn’t have much to go on… It’s hidden in the middle of my cherry grove where I can’t get any trees to grow.


Festivale / Girl’s Day

As the bulletin board announced today, Festivale is next week on March 3. You may not know, the Japanese holiday of Girls’ Day falls on the same day this year which is ultra rare. Apparently Isabelle will be standing in front of town hall allowing for Pavé to shake his booty in town square. Even if I’m still sick (dear god no!) I’m going to open up Kasen that day for the festivities. I’ll open up at the usual time 10am-noon PST (GMT-8). If you can’t make it then let me know and I can open again later or save you a rice cake from the festivities. I’m trying to get 500 visitors over to Kasen and I’m around 100 shy of that so the more the merrier.

True Dat, Barold.

True Dat, Barold.

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

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