Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Ready to Dance

Since last I wrote Spring has sprung! On the last night of winter I took in Hanabi’s sights.


My final snowman. That 7 got me a snowboard.

My final snowman. That 7 got me a snowboard.

The next morning the town was gloriously green but we still had a remnant of winter.




I don’t think he’ll be around for much longer.

I sat under the shade of our beautiful lush tree and daydreamed for a bit.


I plotted with Barold.


And rocked Pashimina’s world with a perfect cherry. I love her surprised look.


Yesterday our log bench was complete. I landscaped a bit and then rested on it as the clouds rolled in (and Saharah photobombed).


Just after 6pm I updated Hanabi’s dream address. You’re welcome to stop by and check out the new greenery.

Hi Esme! Glad you enjoyed your dream. :)

Hi Esme! Glad you enjoyed your dream. 🙂

Today was just as relaxing. I didn’t do much but chat with everyone. Getting in a last conversation with the snowman.



I stopped Octavian from leaving. I got his picture so he could go, but I like my cranky octopus.

Flurry is excited about Festivale. I doubt I’ll have much time to celebrate it in Hanabi, but as I mentioned on Monday I’ll be open in Kasen.


And that was about it. If you like my orange sweater (a design from December 2013 Pikopuri) you can pick it up from Wendell if you visit during a dream.


P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

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