Disney Magical World: The Wand Shop

Outside of Yen Sid's Castle

Outside of Yen Sid’s Castle

Yen Sid gives you your first wand during the prologue after you obtain 13 stickers. He suspects you are capable of using magic, and indeed you are.

Inside Yen Sid's shop. I wonder what's in that 100 sticker chest. I'm so close to finding out!

Inside Yen Sid’s shop. I wonder what’s in that 100 sticker chest. I’m so close to finding out!

You use wands to fight ghosts. This is essentially your weapon shop.

Wands are specific to each world, this means you’ll have to craft different wands to use in Alice’s World and different wands for Cinderella’s World, etc. You don’t have to pay for new wands, but you do need a recipe to make one and you still have to have the necessary ingredients to make it.

Selecting a wand to make [bottom screen]

Selecting a wand to make [bottom screen]

On the bottom screen I can scroll from left to right all of the wands I have recipes for. The highlighted wand is for use in Alice’s World (you can tell by the picture with the card suits) and is named the “Heart Jewel Stick”. That’s not the official English name, and I haven’t unlocked that wand in my English game yet, so I don’t know what the official English name is. Suffice it to say, that’s my favorite wand thus far. The purple text inside the circle says that I can make that wand i.e. I have the ingredients.

Making the Heart Jewel Stick [Top Screen]

Making the Heart Jewel Stick [Top Screen]

Displayed on the top screen are the properties for the wand selected on the bottom screen. You can see a picture of the wand itself (isn’t this one pretty!) To the left of it, the yellow number is its power. This one has a power of 1800 which is quite strong. Below that you see a bunch of stars. That shows how many times you can cast your special attack. Each star represents one attack. You can replenish the stars by killing monsters, but the more times you can use that attack, the better! The round purple icon in the bottom left corner is its rarity. In ascending order are bronze, silver, gold, and purple rarities. So, this one is considered quite rare.

On the right hand side are the required materials to make the wand. Each item you make requires 3 materials, although you may have to use more than one of them—notice the top ingredient requires 5. The little suitcase item shows how many of the materials you have. I could easily make this wand, but there’s no point in making multiples since you can only wield one at a time and they don’t break or anything.

P.S. I received a US copy of Disney Magical World from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo
P.P.S. Screenshots are from my Japanese copy and posted to Miiverse because the English game doesn’t have a community yet.

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