Disney Magical World: 38 Stickers

It’s Easter season in Disney Magical World. Don’t worry, you’ll get in on the Easter spirit too. The season goes from April 1 – June 30 giving you ample time to collect the 6 food recipes and 12 pieces of furniture. A lot of the furniture you can purchase in the department store, but the rest you have to get by doing favors for residents.

A bad picture of what the Easter set looks like

A bad picture of what the Easter set looks like

The Easter Counter. Even though I'm perpetually broke I scrounged up enough coins to buy it.

The Easter Counter. Even though I’m perpetually broke I scrounged up enough coins to buy it.

The bed is too rich for my blood. I haven't even started decorating my upstairs yet.

The bed is too rich for my blood. I haven’t even started decorating my upstairs yet.

Yesterday’s Progress

I played a bit more last night and ended up getting a few more stickers. I planted a few seeds that I had picked up in my adventures and got a sticker for harvesting 20 crops. In the beginning of the game getting stickers is pretty easy and they just sort of fall into your lap. Towards the end (still stuck on 99 in my JP game!) they get a bit more challenging.


While I was in the garden I decided to see what quests I could do in Pooh’s land. I decided to do the quest “Introducing Mr. Honeypot” in which Pooh wanted me to make him a honeypot. He gave me a recipe for it. Upon further examination I realized that I was lacking ingredients (and funds!) to make it.

So I went off to Cinderella’s world instead. I’m fickle that way. I hop from world to world and forget what I was supposed to be doing. Fortunately Pooh didn’t seem to be in a hurry for his honey pot.

The fairy godmother needed a pumpkin to make me a coach for the ball and I figured I was just the magician to scare one up for her—or rescue it from the clutches of ghosts.

As if every child in the universe doesn't know that.

As if every child in the universe doesn’t know that.

Little did I know this quest included a “final boss ghost”. These bosses are much bigger and take a lot longer to kill than traditional end bosses.

See? Big and scary. And blurry. Don't forget blurry.

See? Big and scary. And blurry. Don’t forget blurry.

But after beating that episode I got another sticker for defeating the boss ghost in Cinderella’s world. I wasn’t expecting that!


Sadly Pooh did not get his honey pot last night.

Today’s Progress

Morning Favors

  • Mickey Mouse
    give 1 Polka Dot Tulip Seed ・ receive Superstar Belt
  • Goofy
    give 1 Big Log ・ receive 3 Tropical Herb Seeds
  • Resident 1
    give 1 Snowball (flower) ・ receive 3 Balloon Apple Seeds
  • Resident 2
    give 5 Yellow Citrus ・ receive Minnie’s Photo (item)
  • Resident 3
    give 3 Emerald Bubbles ・ receive Colorful Egg: Stars (Easter Item)

Three of these favors were easy and I had the items on hand. But the two that I most wanted, Mickey’s favor and that for the Easter Egg posed a challenge. They both involved fishing. The Emerald Bubbles could be fished out in Alice’s world and the Polka Dot Tulip Seed in Castleton.

I went off to Alice’s World in search of the Emerald Bubbles. I did an episode for the Doorknob who was in a gloomy mood and needed some Olive Oil to get rid of his rust. It had a fishing hole and I quickly got the bubbles I sought. As a bonus I got a sticker for catching 8 types of fish.



Along the way I also found the item I needed to make Pooh’s honeypot and scraped up the necessary funds too. So I gave the Emerald Bubbles to the fellow that requested them and then rushed off to give Pooh his honeypot. Afterward he wanted to take a picture with me. So I posed rather saucily:


And—wait for it—I got a sticker for taking a picture with Pooh.

The sticker count after that one was 35. At 35 stickers more furniture unlocks at Chip and Dale, but in Pooh’s world an episode to build a bridge becomes available. This expands the area—more gathering points, more honey, more fishing—so I did it.

After that I decided it was time to visit my café. I had grown a few hibiscus flowers which I needed for recipes. And I was eager to raise my café level by having a Stitch-themed party. Unfortunately I couldn’t make all of Stitch’s recipes as I was missing a few more ingredients, but I made 2 of them and a tropical dessert. After putting those out…

I got a sticker!

Sticker #36

Sticker #36

Then I threw a party. Stitch came looking adorable. Nothing was harmed in my café (you can tell I’ve seen the movie).


We took a lovely picture together. I got a card from him and then I closed up the party.


I got 2 stickers!

Sticker #37

Sticker #37

Sticker #38

Sticker #38

More importantly than that though I got MONEY. Lots of it! I had 5 combos and I got somewhere in the neighborhood of 25,000 coins (I didn’t note the exact figure). I’m constantly trying to scrape up 2,000 coins for this or that, so that much money is like winning the lottery. My advice: host early, host often. Parties are a goldmine.

Having Stitch show up to the party fulfilled a café request, so my café leveled from 6 to 7. After which I decided to take a break. I still have evening favors to do later. I’m hoping for more Easter items!

P.S. I received a US copy of Disney Magical World from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

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