ACNL JP Kasen updated + Bunny Dress QR Code

I spent the morning gussying Kasen up for visitors. Sadly I don’t have many pink trees (um town tree +1 money tree. I suck!) but the petals are flying, there are cutout boards and my townies are mostly dressed up as bunnies. Easter is right around the corner.

Kasen’s dream address: 3700-0166-7543


Here is the QR Code for Yumi’s bunny dress. It should come as no surprise that this is not made by me, but comes form the April 2014 issue of Pikopuri magazine. Minori is wearing a Zipper T. Bunny dress which you can get from Wendell. I may post that code at a later date.

Front of the bunny dress

Front of the bunny dress

cotton tail

cotton tail





And we have a new resident as of today. Ken the smug chicken. I really don’t know why I asked him to move in. It was late.

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