Disney Magical World: Growing Hybrids

legendarysunflowerDid you know that some plants yield hybrid seeds in Disney Magical World? It’s not quite like in Animal Crossing where you have to put different plants next to each other to get different colors. In Disney Magical World certain plants can yield seeds for different plants. There’s no trick to it, it’s just a matter of luck. So if you can’t find an ingredient you’re looking for, maybe you have to grow it.

Hybrid Producing Plants

  • Creamy Chestnut Seed → Xtra-Creamy Chestnut Seed
  • Yellow Citrus Seed → Orange Citrus Seed
  • Barley Seed → Premium Barley Seed*
  • Butterynut Seed → Golden Butterynut Seed
  • Grace Lily Seed → Moonbeam Lily Seed
  • White Cocoaberry Seed → Mixed Cocoaberry Seed
  • Milkberry Seed → Crown Milkberry Seed → Royal Milkberry Seed
  • Sweetberry Seed → Premium Sweetberry Seed
  • Four-Leaf Clover Seed → Colorful Clover Seed*
  • Honey Carrot Seed → Spooky Carrot Seed
  • Big Turnip Seed → Mysterious Golden Seed*
  • Ruby Red Rose Seed → Bright White Rose Seed → Jet-Black Rose Seed → Royal Rose Seed* → Mysterious Flower Seed*

*Names may be incorrect. Translated from the Japanese game. Will change when I actually get them in my English game.

P.S. I received a US copy of Disney Magical World from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

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