Disney Magical World: Birthstone Bubbles

Sticker #87

Sticker #87

I finally got all of the birthstone bubbles in Disney Magical World, but not without a bit of investigation. I was missing one for the longest time, but I didn’t know exactly which one or where to get it. Turns out it was the Sapphire bubbles. Now if only I could catch a really really big fish my fishing stickers would be complete!

Here is a list of all of the birthstone bubbles and where to get them. Happy Fishing!

Month Birthstone Bubble Location
January Garnet Bubbles Aladdin’s World (Well-made Rod)
February Amethyst Bubbles Cinderella’s World (Proper Rod)
March Aquamarine Bubbles Alice’s World (Well-made Rod)
April Diamond Bubbles Cinderella’s World
May Emerald Bubbles Alice’s World
June Pearl Bubbles 100 Acre Wood
July Ruby Bubbles Aladdin’s World
August Peridot Bubbles 100 Acre Wood (Well-made Rod)
September Sapphire Bubbles Cinderella’s World (Well-made Rod)
October Opal Bubbles Alice’s World (Proper Rod)
November Topaz Bubbles Aladdin’s World (Proper Rod)
December Turquoise Bubbles 100 Acre Wood (Proper Rod)

The locations without a rod denoted can be obtained using the beginning rod. All other require that rod or higher.

P.S. I received a US copy of Disney Magical World from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

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