Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Fashion Rampage

Not Moving Day

I really want to shake things up in my towns, get someone out in each town and either have a free space for a while or find someone to move in that I really like *coughMarshalcough*. I don’t move people around very much and I get attached to townies easily and once I’m attached I don’t want to let them go. In Hanabi Octavian has been asking to move. He asked again today, in fact. I flatly denied him as usual, but some part of me wondered if I’d really miss him or if I should just let him go. I love the octopi, but he’s not a “dreamy” really. The only one in Hanabi I know I want to let go of is Felicity and she hasn’t asked again since her last fake out.

if you keep asking I might let you go...

if you keep asking I might let you go…

I had a little bit of a scare in Kasen. Yesterday Whitney mentioned that Drago wanted to move. It was kind of late at the time and I walked over to Drago hoping he’d ping and I could veto. But he didn’t. So I closed the game and waited 20 minutes. Then tried again. He still refused to mention his plans. I thought it over and was resolved that if he didn’t mention it and ended up in boxes I’d be ok with it. I have his picture since he came right before Easter, but he’s really kinda cute…

And I can't move in cute campers like Mint if no one ever leaves...

And I can’t move in cute campers like Mint if no one ever leaves…

So today Whitney said the same thing and I did the same dance around Drago trying to get him to ping. He ignored me and watered flowers. Then I tried talking to him and all he would talk about is Saharah’s presence in town and her fab decorating skills. (HA!)

But Ken the chicken wanted a petition signed, so I figured I’d see if I could get Drago to come clean after I got that done. Fortunately Drago ran over to me this evening, confessed he was thinking of moving and I told him in no uncertain terms that he was doomed to stay in Kasen for the foreseeable future. I would have let him go, but I really like him. Kasen is very fairy tale-themed and I think a dragon-gator is great there. So I guess I’m stuck waiting for Lobo to ask to move even though Kokuto’s town is full…

Hooray! I get to veto!!! No boxes for you!

Hooray! I get to veto!!! No boxes for you!

I’d never think of restarting either Kasen or Hanabi intentionally, but I hadn’t turned on my third town since before I went on vacation at the end of March. I think about starting Quantico over since I never put in the time with it to turn it into the theme town I imagined. But once I turn it on I find that I still enjoy it. And I forget little things like the trash can I finally put in (which I wouldn’t dream of putting in either of my “real” towns), or the fact that Nibbles moved in. Then I run into Carmen and Ankha and I think I can’t void them! And then Olivia suggests building a tower—something I never even thought to put in Quantico—and I think that could work! and I’m back to loving my oft-neglected behind-the-scenes town.

Other Miscellaneous Goings-On

I've always been anti-umbrella. Maybe I'll have to get a cute one to spin...if it ever rains again...

I’ve always been anti-umbrella. Maybe I’ll have to get a cute one to spin…if it ever rains again…




I really hate that shirt, but I'm too lazy to send you a new one.

I really hate that shirt, but I’m too lazy to send you a new one.



I very rarely get suggestions for new public works, but Tia suggested a fariy-tale streetlight. It’s not going in this Zen town, but it’s nice to know if I ever go on a remodel rampage ALA Julian, it’s an option.


I really want Pashmina to suggest some uchi PWPs, but she’s indisposed at the moment.

I think she may have thrown up a little in her mouth from the medicine.

I think she may have thrown up a little in her mouth from the medicine.

I had a bit of fun this evening with Julian. He suggested a replacement for his regal bed. I was a little miffed because I’ve been giving him a lot of blue remade regal items and I couldn’t think of something the same size that I’d like to see in his house. Then it hit me. The perfect bed for Julian is not the regal bed, but the princess bed. Muhaha! But I didn’t have it for sale in Hanabi, so I had to enlist Yumi’s aid in purchasing it in Kasen and bringing it over with her petition.




Done and done.

Done and done.

P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo!

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