Disney Magical World: Western Café

My theory is that the Goofy medal and therefore secret wand are obtained from holding a western-themed party. I held a tiny 2 combo western party a while ago and goofy was the one who showed up for the party. I’ve been trying very hard to get enough items to hold a full 8 combo western party for a while now, but the game doesn’t make it easy.

With most café sets you can make all of the items. The western set is tricky because you can’t make the table, chairs, or table ornament. I waited very patiently for the table and chairs to show up in the department store, but when I tried to set up my party I realized I didn’t have one cactus to put on a table so I had to wait—impatiently this time—for it to show up in the store. Today it did. And after growing a starfall radish I was ready to hold my first 8 combo party.

The only western item I don't have out is the clock because I ran out of money...

The only western item I don’t have out is the clock because I ran out of money…

I expected to see Goofy again, but I was pleasantly surprised when Mickey and Donald appeared in western garb.




They didn’t have exclamation points over their heads (I didn’t expect them too) which means after I grow another Starfall Radish I’ll be hosting another western party. Hopefully I’ll be able to make the third version of the western outfit as well so I don’t look like Ma Kettle in a ball gown in the next photo I take. With any luck in a day or two I’ll be able to tell you if this is indeed how you get the Goofy Medal.


P.S. I received a US copy of Disney Magical World from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo.

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