Animal Crossing New Leaf US: Garden Gnomes Have Rights

Hanabi is only slightly changed in the last few days. We still have ten villagers. And no acceptable candidates have volunteered to move.



No means no, Flurry.

The coolest change came in the form of a request from Pashmina for a geyser. I’ve always liked geysers in other towns. After a bit of thinking I found a light we didn’t really need, told Isabelle to rip it out and hoped she would let me put the geyser where I wanted it.

I'm right there with you, Pancakes! err Pashmina!

I’m right there with you, Pancakes! err Pashmina!

I didn’t even have to fight with Izzy about placement. She said it looked great where I wanted it and so in it went. Now I don’t want Aurora to leave because her house placement is perfect. Ah the problems of trying to maintain an aesthetically pleasing town.


When it was finally completed I stood around sleepily waiting for something to happen.

And then after a gurgle to alert me that it was going to blow—whoosh!

I love this new addition to Hanabi.

If you’ll notice from the pictures above, we had a camper that day to add to the Yellowstone vibe. Unfortunately it was none other than poison frog Diva herself. *shiver*


Today Tia asked me to get a petition signed for her. I didn’t know she felt so strongly about the rights of little people. But I agreed to help and went over to Kasen for signatures.

After clowning around with Kasen’s new cutout boards courtesy of ぴこぷり. I got down to business and asked for signatures.




It was my first time meeting Ken. This time he was able to help me. ;)

It was my first time meeting Ken. This time he was able to help me. 😉






I thought maybe Tia would finally reward me with a non-April Fools version of her picture. But nope. Tia still doesn’t like me. Even after curing her of the plague earlier this week.






P.S. I received a US copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf from Nintendo. Thanks, Nintendo.
P.P.S. That dress I’m wearing in the last picture will be up as a QR Code next week.

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