Tomodachi Life: Babies!

You may have already seen the big news on twitter. Yesterday Doomsayr and Jenn (Mii) had a baby girl. They wanted to name her Isabella. I vetoed that. Then they asked what I thought of Zoe and I vetoed again. The next name they suggested was Lillian. I can’t say no to Lillian although she’s definitely nowhere near as cute as the bunny in ACNL. In fact, she’s pretty hideous.



I told the parents I thought she was cute as a button because I think that’s the polite thing to do. I even arranged to have some newborn photos of her, but not even the bee suit could pretty her up. She has her father’s eyes.



I thought the parents would handle parenting great and I could just pat the child on the head and go about my merry way, but no sooner did Lillian arrive than I was called on to try and stop her crying fit by rocking her. They told me to rock her gently, but she didn’t respond to that. And only with some frantic 3DS waving did she finally quiet down.




Doomsayr and mii aren’t the only couple with baby plans. Momo Pink told me she and Iwata were thinking about having a kid too. I was supportive of their choice as well.

But it’s not all good news on Hanabi Island. Sadly Napoleon and Cleopatra decided to part ways and then each descended into a cloud of funk.




I made the mistake of trying to give Cleopatra a comforting bowl of ramen to ease her heartache…and I found out that she hates ramen. Like, it’s the worst thing in the world to her. I’m ready to vote her off the island for that preference. こってりみそラーメンが大好き!

Cleopatra's unexpected reaction to the poor ramen.

Cleopatra’s unexpected reaction to the poor ramen.


Today I was forced on baby watch again. This time I was supposed to soothe screaming Lillian by tickling her or something. She was having none of it. So I was forced to try the age-old baby game of peek-a-boo. Which, of course, she loved.


Shortly after I got a call from Iwata saying that he and Momo Pink had a baby. Another girl. They named her Elizabeth. Except for the fact that she’s bald (I hope that’s just a baby thing) she’s pretty cute.



By ignoring her??

By ignoring her??

Apparently my vigorous technique is too vigorous.

Apparently my vigorous technique is too vigorous.


I couldn’t even calm her down. I just gave up and handed her back. Like you do.

I am curious what food villagers love and hate. The only thing I have stumbled upon is Cleopatra’s loathing of ramen (weirdo), but then I gave her macadamia nuts. And she started freaking out again! But in a good way this time!






It was much better than when she melted into the floor. At least I know what to feed her if she pisses me off. Or what to feed her as breakup food. 😉

I’ll leave you with a picture of Iwata taking a break from caring for Elizabeth and playing his Wii U. Everyone needs some mii time.



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