ACNL Card Apron Dress QR Code

I love Alice in Wonderland themed dresses/towns and this dress reminds me very much of Alice. It comes from the June/July 2014 issue of ぴこぷり. I’ve ordered next month’s issue out around the 20th of this month I believe. I can’t wait to see what creations they’ve got in store!






2 thoughts on “ACNL Card Apron Dress QR Code

  1. Wow, this is so cute! Thanks for sharing all these neat outfits with us!

  2. I’m glad you like them! Pikopuri has some adorable outfits designed by young kids as a contest. They put out a compilation design book recently with all of the QRs in one place.

    That reminds me, I think I should post the Hawaiian shirt Vella has been wearing. 😉

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