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As some of you may know (or not? I don’t know how much I mentioned it here). I got a streaming Japanese 3DS recently. I haven’t streamed much because I’ve suddenly gotten shy and I’ve always been insecure about my translation abilities. But I’ve streamed a couple times so far and lived to tell the tale! (Mostly because no one was watching :P). Today I streamed KumaTomo (bear friend), an adorable game that I picked up a few days ago.

Watch live video from v3lla on Twitch

If you’re interested, follow me on twitch, give me some feedback, or say “hey, I’d like to see suchandsuch game”, because I might have it. I’m very new to streaming and welcome constructive criticism.

One thought on “Follow Me on Twitch?

  1. This is almost unbearable cute, lol! It made me think of Nintendogs, but with bears (especially the bath). Thanks for sharing – you don’t need to be shy about your streaming, it was very good and very helpful! The only minor problem I had was with volume – your voice comes through much softer than the bears, so in order to hear you, he/she was pretty loud.

    I have made many bears as a hobby; it would be fun to try to make this one!

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