Belated WIP Wednesday: Mirabelle “If Only”

As some of you may know, I started cross stitching like a fiend back in August. I thought it was just a phase and that after I finished the few pieces I was working on I’d be done and back to my myriad of other hobbies. But it’s almost April and I’m still stitching almost every day with a back log of projects to start.

I’m about 3/4 done with my current project. It’s Santoro’s Mirabelle “If Only” by Bothy Threads. This is the largest project I’ve done to date and the swirly bodice was maddening. The pattern takes four separate pages, so lining everything up properly was challenging. I also screwed up the peach part of the skirt and it was off by one stitch and I had to rip the right side of it out and start all over.

Mirabelle state of completion as of Wednesday 3/25/2015

Mirabelle state of completion as of Wednesday 3/25/2015

I’m currently working on the bottom portion of the design and as you can tell by the higgledy piggledy state of the stitching I quickly get bored with one color and move on to the next. And the next and the next. It all gets done eventually, but you can only cross stitch so many long blocks of color before going a little crazy.

The bottom area I'm working on.

The bottom area I’m working on.

I hope to do regular weekly updates of my projects as I go forward because I have several more in the works. After this I’d like to do two more Mirabelle cross stitches starting with “Adrift”. I have a funky silver wall in the dining room I’d like to line up these Mirabelle pictures on with the last one being “Butterfly”.

The naked silver wall.

The naked silver wall.

These are going to be several months in the works, but I hope that they’ll turn out every bit as quirky and wonderful as I imagine them to be. Till next Wednesday.

P.S. This WIP was late because Wednesday was hubby’s birthday. No more birthdays or trips for a while, so I’m hoping to stay on track.

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