WIP Wednesday 2: Mirabelle “If Only”

I always feel like I’m not getting anything done, so I’m hoping these posts will illustrate the contrary. I’m still working away on the bottom part of the piece. I’m dreading doing the border around the top and sides because I have to count so much to get there which means a high probability of an error, so for the moment I’m ignoring that and just working wherever I feel like on the bottom.

Excuse the pictures. I am without a phone, so they were taken with my iPad and they’re a little washed out and not very sharp. Maybe next week I’ll break out a real camera or test out the camera on the iPhone 6 that should be arriving soon.

The entire cross stitch of "If Only" to date.

The entire cross stitch of “If Only” to date.

I was trying to finish the bottom left corner. For this project I purchased a Q-Snap style frame (though an off-brand because my craft store didn’t carry the “real” brand). I’ve never worked with one before and, while I like it because you can get great tension, I find that I often get the cross stitch into it crooked. The size of this piece is such that an 11 x 17 inch Q-Snap (off brand) frame gets part of the stitched-piece pinched in it. So I was trying to finish the left hand side so that I could set it in and forget it for a while and maybe finish the right side so it doesn’t matter if either side gets pinched a bit (I put felt in between the plastic and the stitching). I think the real brand makes a 1-inch extender which would be perfect. Since I have 2 more projects this size I intend to do it may be worth looking into.

Close-Up of the area I worked this week.

Close-Up of the area I worked this week.


I desperately want to take a break from this and start on a little carousel horse, but I’m afraid if I switch projects I won’t pick this one up again, so expect to see more brown and green filled in next week. Hopefully I’ll be able to fill in the band and maybe a bit of the right side. Any progress is good progress in my book.

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