WIP Wednesday 3: Mirabelle “If Only”

You know how I said last week that I was going to chug on until I finished Mirabelle? Well, almost immediately following thinking that, I thought how nice it would be to have a shift in perspective and a little break. So I made a birthday card. It took about 2 days, and it was nice not doing completely straight stitches for those two days.

We're sorry, but your birthday is in another castle...or something.

We’re sorry, but your birthday is in another castle…or something.

I’ve never made a card before, and I’m not quite sure how to put it together, or what to say on the inside, but I loved all the pretty beads. I regret that I miscounted the text and most of it is 1 square too low. It would have left ugly holes if I took it out, so I left it. I don’t think it’s really noticeable unless I tell you. 😉 The pattern is from world of cross stitch magazine, which I frequently buy digitally (OMG a print subscription to the states is expensive!) If you’re interested in the pattern I also found it on the designer’s Etsy shop. She makes some lovely whimsical designs.

The castle was stitched on hand-dyed evenweave. I’ve never worked with evenweave before, and while it wasn’t that difficult to stitch on, counting on it—since you work across two holes for each stitch—was absolutely horrendous. It was also my first time working with Kreinik blending filament. I like metallic thread, and it wasn’t terribly difficult. I just had to stitch a little slower and use short lengths. The hardest part was threading the needle.

After my brief sojourn into castles and beads I returned to Mirabelle if not exactly renewed, at least determined. I finished up a lot of the bottom left hand side, and then decided to tackle the peach border on the right. Originally I was going to perform the miraculous task of counting alllll the way to the top and working my way down. That’s just how I stitch: top to bottom, left to right. But I decided that was rather narrow minded and so I stitched bottom to top and finally reached the top. So now I’ve reached all four borders. Yay!

Mirabelle's state of completion as of  4/8/2015

Mirabelle’s state of completion as of 4/8/2015

I expect to continue working on the bottom right side and work my way toward the middle, and then try and finish up the top left peach border. The part across the very top will be quite monotonous and I’m not looking forward to that, but I have to work up on the left to do even start that.

The bottom is filling in! On the left at least.

The bottom is filling in! On the left at least.

Here’s hoping I’ll be done in the next two weeks. I have carousel horses to stitch!

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