Final Fantasy: Week One

I have been diligently playing Final Fantasy on the PSP. I didn’t play the original, so I don’t get thrown back into nostalgia land with this one. Actually, since the graphics and the music on the PSP are so pretty I feel like I’m cheating and starting with a later game.

I chose the following classes as my party of four:

  • Monk – I was hoping for crowd control…
  • Thief- I like to steal things, but alas—can’t
  • White Mage – Healers are non-negotiable
  • Black Mage – Such cute little pyromaniacs!

So far the story leaves quite a bit to be desired. I started off and was immediately thrust into saving the world. ‘No problem,’ I thought as I stumbled around stabbing at goblins and hitting them over the head with my hammer. Then I went the wrong way. I wandered into Matoya’s cave and he just kept mumbling something about his eye. Whatever. Then I beat up some pirates and they gave me their boat. I thought something must have been wrong with it since I just smacked a few of them around and it wasn’t a very tough fight. I guess the moral of that fight is: never look a gift boat in the mouth.

I’ve been sailing around lost ever since. Doesn’t this game have a map?? I have pressed every button combo I can think of and can’t seem to find one. I tried just sailing around, and when I came across Elfheim (and poor Link’s grave) I thought I was finally in the right spot. And I was, sort of but they were damn vague about where to go next. I found the dwarves…who couldn’ help me…

So, sick of not knowing where the hell to go, I broke out my guide from the gameboy version. It has a map. I am now back on track. I visited the Western Keep and tomorrow I will go off to the marsh cave to kick some butt.

The Plan

Last night Casey attended the San Francisco Symphony to hear them perform music from Final Fantasy. We had fantastic seats. Nobuo Uematsu 様 was in attendance. They performed the opera from Final Fantasy VI. It was a magical evening.

I was thrown into nostalgia land from the very first note. Somewhere in between the Main Theme from Final Fantasy VII and Prima Vista featuring Susan Calloway I had an audacious idea. I could play a Final Fantasy game a month in order to revisit the games (and their music) for a year (or so).

Currently there are 13 numbered games out—I am not considering playing spinoffs (gah X-2)except possibly Tactics, but I could play that alone for several months. In September there will be 14 games out (oh my!). But I don’t know if I really want to delve into the MMORPGs. The husband has an account for FFXI, but I don’t have a PC and don’t know if I want to be bothered…

I just finished playing Final Fantasy XIII, so in my opinion that’s one down. Unless I feel like playing it in a year. There are so many decisions to be made. Do I play in order? What happens if I don’t finish a game? How do I keep up my motivation? What happens after September when Pokémon comes out and I want to focus all my attention on catching new Pokémon? What platform do I play the games on? I mean, with 1 and 2 I have my choice of Playstation, iPhone, PHP, gameboy. Sheesh.

Following in the footsteps of Nike (pun intended) I have decided to Just Do It!. The very flushed out plan (ha!) is as follows:

  • Play one Final Fantasy Game each month for one month each
  • Listen to the game’s soundtrack for motivation
  • Blog weekly about progress, frustration, whatever.

I’ll be starting with Final Fantasy for the PSP…now. I figure it could be a two week trial.

Anyone with me?