Mikayla’s Toy Day + Winter Solstice Video

Toy Day is coming up fast. Have questions? Watch the video! Don’t want spoilers? Don’t watch. My favorite part? The movie trailer! So awesome. I’d go see it. 😉

I’m most excited by the upcoming countdown. I hope to visit different regions this year! And I hope to open up Kasen so everyone can get soba noodles. Yum.


Mikayla’s Animal Crossing New Leaf News #2

I finally had a chance to watch Mikayla’s newest Animal Crossing New Leaf video. It’s adorable and teaches you all about the coming winter activities such as building balanced snow persons (being politically correct because of Snowmam lol). Go watch it! Even after playing all last winter I still need a few items from Snowtyke.

Great job Mika-chan! I can’t wait to see your Christmas episode. 🙂


I am a Pretty, Pretty Princess!

I am horrible with video, but I had to share this from Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life. Not only am I a pretty princess, but I sparkle and twirl. This game makes me eight years old again and I love it. ビビディ ボビディ ブー

And wave to Minnie behind me who is asking me what my favorite clothes are. Duh! The ones I’m wearing! Although I don’t have the ingredients for a matching purple crown. Just you wait!