Kasen is my Japanese village. I began playing on November 8, 2012. When I first started playing and blogging about Kasen village many of my assumptions were wrong (exploding trees terrified me!) because of the fact that there were no guides or books released yet and my Japanese is not terribly proficient. But it was my first town and I love it and still play it. For the curious, here’s the info about the town. Feel free to visit in a dream or come to one of the future events.

Town Name: かせん – Kasen
Dream Address: 3700-0166-7543
Mayor: ユミ – Yumi
Residents: (りゅうじ) Ryuuji, (たいが) Taiga, (みのり) Minori
Established: November 8, 2012
Native Fruit: Peach


  • リリアン – Bunnie ♥
  • ネルソン – Zell
  • ラムネ – Lolly
  • アマミン – Cole
  • ビアンカ – Whitney
  • ブンジロウ – Lobo
  • クロベエ – Ken
  • アリゲッティ – Gayle
  • フリル – Muffy
  • ジュン – Marshal ♥


2 thoughts on “Kasen

  1. Hello! I’ve never commented before but my name is Amy, and I’ve always enjoyed browsing your blog 🙂 Hanabi is really beautiful and so is Kasen, which I’m especially drawn to because I love fairytale themed towns ^_^ I was wondering if you could maybe point me in the direction of the QR codes/source of this path that you used in Kasen at one point: http://www.sosostris.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/HNI_00351.jpg I think it’s an incredibly well-done path! Sorry to bother you, if you’ve gotten this question before xP Thanks!

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