Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 19

wherein I wish I had a jacket.

Stalk Market

AM: 83 Bells
PM: 79 Bells

No turnip selling for me. Yes Gluxbox you can put them on a table. They still rot after a week.

Late Night Bug Catching

I did a late bug/fish run at the island last night. The moon was out and pretty. I snapped a pic on the island and back at home. きれいだな.

Today’s Visitor

Despite last night’s clear weather it was cloudy in Kasen this morning. On my flower watering rounds I ran into the (not) lost kitten. I haven’t talked to her yet because Kokuto is not available until later and I don’t want her following me around all day. Remember that Kokuto had her the other day? She sent him her picture. I haven’t seen it yet.

Hopefully she’s still around when he gets home and I can send her off to Jisuna village.

Just to clarify Pascal from yesterday. I did not see him at all before I got a scallop. He appeared quite suddenly when I caught one (as seen in the picture). And he didn’t send me a present, he traded it to me on the spot when I gave him the scallop. I couldn’t tell what he gave me at that moment because you can’t open your inventory while you’re swimming and he didn’t mention the item by name.


My upstairs is indeed more spacious. Now if only the island had a comfy mermaid bed for me. I have paid off about half of the 498,000 bells (which is unfortunate. I meant to put it into my savings. oops) I owe for making the upstairs bigger. After that should I make my basement bigger or add on?

You know how there’s the sleepy Alpaca in the recycle shop? Did I ever mention he woke up finally? Cause he did. I decided to see what he did, so I brought him the plain wooden stool. I wanted to change it green cause I don’t have any green furniture. I didn’t quite get what I wanted. When I asked him to recommend something my options were pink and blue. I chose blue. I could also have used one of my designs on it, but seeing as how my designs are almost all clothes I thought that would be weird. And I did not feel like sitting on Manaphy (my flag). So I gave him 100 bells. He told me to wait 30 minutes and when I came back I had a blue stool. The leaf furniture icon is now red instead of green.

Public Utilities

I haven’t gotten Resetti yet. I’m still hemming and hawing over the price (which is silly). Today I put in a street lamp down by the park bench. Maybe tomorrow I’ll tell Shizue we need a hole somewhere. I also don’t know where to put Resetti. I wonder if he’ll fit in the top left corner. There’s nothing up there.

Here is Kasen’s new Mario cutout. It doesn’t really go with anything, but maybe the (not lost) kitten can use it on her visit.


It started to snow while I was watering. And me without my winter coat! At least it’s not sticking yet. I thought I would take a pretty picture around the inaugural tree with the snow drifting down, but I think I just look cold.

Even Kent had a coat!

Museum Again

Yesterday there was an arrow sign behind Celeste. I thought it was there for decoration, but it turns out the area behind her has items for sale too. Today she had a display case for sale! I don’t know what I’d put in it (or how), but I wondered about the triforce in the case at the Nintendo Dream Land yesterday.

She still had a silver fishing rod for sale, but also an “ocean floor” rug. It was to commemorate having donated 50 sea creatures to the museum. I remembered to snap pics of both rugs today.


I don’t know if it’s my writing technique (probably) or what, but I don’t get as many presents back when I write letters. Out of the 4 letters I wrote the other day I only got 3 responses. Only one of those responses contained a present. I keep trying to ask for a pear or a persimmon, but I’m not sure of my wording.

And today I had to shatter Lillian’s world because she asked me to get her a pear…and I can’t! Gah! She hasn’t mentioned leaving again so I don’t know if she’s still thinking about it. I hope not. If she is, I’ll just try to enjoy the time I have left with her. T_T

I’m sorry Lillian I don’t have a pear! If I could I would. Anyone out there got a pear? I’ve got bells!!


Nothing too earth shattering except for the snow. I’ll go to the island in the evening to see if I can muster up some bells for my loan and Resetti. I expect Club 444 to open any day now. It doesn’t look any different and there are no signs of construction but my guide book (from Famitsu DS + Wii 1/2013) says 5 days after the petition is signed it will open. Today marks the fifth day. So, I’m crossing my fingers that I have a new shop tomorrow.

I should also have a mermaid roof in the morning. No more ugly yellow eyesore.